RPK’s exposé: Suren bites back; Azmin stays mum

N Surendran denies ever receiving “a single sen for any kind of legal work, political work or activist work” in the last 13 years.

(Free Malaysia Today) – As far as PKR is concerned, controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, better known as RPK, is a liar.

Party vice-president N Surendran today dismissed as false RPK’s claim that PKR leaders made use of their connections in the Selangor state government to receive kickbacks.

“Raja Petra Kamarudin in making that allegation is an absolute and utter liar,” he told reporters at PKR headquarters. “I have never received any kind of legal work from the PJ City Council or Selangor government, or any government department.

“In fact, since I took up public activism in 1998, I have never received a single sen for any kind of legal work, political work or activist work that I’ve done in 13 years.”

Surendran was responding to accusations made in RPK’s Malaysia-Today portal. Among other allegations, the blogger, who currently in Britain, said PKR leaders who were lawyers had exclusive access to jobs given out by the PJ council, to the chagrin of non-PKR councillors.

“It’s very indicative of the kind of person Raja Petra is that he’s capable of repeating these kinds of complete lies in a public manner,” Surendran said.