Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) is still the same man

The first game RPK lost or is it? There must be a winner and who is the winner if umno and RPK lost? Of course its the rakyat, the voters and to an extend Pakatan Rakyat. Maybe RPK did not lose after all, this may be what he wanted it to be. To arouse the anger of fence sitters and his faithful followers to look deeper and seek the right choice.

By Richard Loh

The temperature is lower now after a few days of enlightenment for RPK. RPK is not seeking for popularity, be famous or a materialist. It is you, the people that go after him, believe in him, follow him and to some, worshipping him like an angle. I would say it is leaning more towards a cult like fascination.

I must admit that I did once adore this man, met him once at the 2007 Anti-ISA rally, a nice, gentle and quiet man. I would say that he is still that same kind of person even though his recent interviews may let many people thought otherwise.

RPK is playing a game, a game that only one person can play and he sets his own game plan, rules and regulations while you, the people are the guessing spectators. Each time he played his game the people will start guessing what it is.

Since his unfortunate pressured departure from Malaysia, RPK is no longer aligned to anyone or party but himself. He is a one man show and he plotted his game plan very carefully and he played it well. In a cult like manner, he listen only to himself and play his game, the type to his own liking and when to play it. Since he is outside the boundary he has nothing to lose, he does not care if you are happy or not with him as long as he felt that every game he played he is the winner.

The latest interview with NST is one of his game plan but may have gone off course unexpectedly. Did umno really gain anything from it? Who is umno targeting from this news, the rural or urban folks? I would say none. The urban folks are able to sense what is going on and why umno is so hard press to get this interview. For the rural folks, they are scratching their heads, apa ini? Not long ago they are fed with all sorts of denial of what RPK wrote, RPK is a fugitive, a wanted man and a liar and today they are praising him. These latest interview added no value to umno and may harm them even more.

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