Guan Eng: Pakatan needs one-third of Sabah and Sarawak to take power

(The Malaysian Insider) – Lim Guan Eng set an 18-seat target for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) today in Sabah and Sarawak for the next general elections to take over federal government.

“You cannot give them this kind of handicap. To win Putrajaya, you must win more than two seats obviously. 

“If you want to make a change, Ubah Malaysia Ubah, you must try for at least 18 seats in Sabah, Sarawak. That is one third. 

“It will bring you closer to your target. You are within striking distance of the majority of the seats,” the DAP secretary-general  told reporters after launching a fundraising website for the party’s campaign Sarawak.