Sabahans gather to say “No to the Peaceful Assembly Act”

The Peoples’ Parliament

On Tuesday, 29th November, 2011, at 11.30am, as many of us meet at the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur to walk to defend our right to assemble peaceably, our brothers and sisters in Kota Kinabalu will gather at the same time around the monument built in remembrance of the fallen Golden son of the Kadazans, Peter Mojuntin, who perished with others in the highly controversial and much unexplained plane crash on 6th June, 1976.

Date : 29th November, 2011

Time  : 11.30am

Venue : The square behind the Long Mall, around the monument, in Doggongon.

Wear yellow if you can. If you don’t have yellow, just be there.

Good people of Sabah, will you allow UMNO and BN to continue to rob you of your rights and your dignity?

Is it not enough that they have taken your land and your wealth?