PKR Youth chief slammed over ‘only Malays for PM’ remarks

(The Star) – The PKR Youth chief has been roundly criticised for his challenge to Umno to amend the Federal Constitution to ensure only Malays can be prime minister.

MCA Youth secretary-general Datuk Chai Kim Sen said Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin’s call would undermine national development and unity.

“In a multi-cultural country like Malaysia, Shamsul’s remarks will cause racial prejudice to spread,’’ said Chai in a statement.

Shamsul Iskandar had made the challenge at the PKR Youth Congress in Johor on Friday.

He said Umno should do this to prove its claim of being a party that championed Malay rights.

Shamsul claimed the challenge was not aimed at stirring racist sentiments but was about justice.

Asked if PKR would amend the constitution, Shamsul said it was only a challenge to Umno and PKR was comfortable with the current constitution.

Chai said both the ruling and opposition coalitions should be responsible in ensuring racial harmony and social stability.

“Although they are not yet in charge of the Federal Government, they are already making racial statements.

“I feel Shamsul just wants to grab this opportunity to appear as a hero in the media,” he added.

Chai also urged Pakatan Rakyat leaders to take a collective stand on Shamsul’s statement.

“Will any disciplinary action be taken or will the issue be swept under the carpet like always?’’ asked Chai.

DAP Rasah MP Anthony Loke said Shamsul’s statement was unnecessary.

“I don’t agree with it because it reflects negatively on Pakatan Rak­yat,” he said, adding it was a political reality that a Malay is PM.

Loke also said Malays were not in danger of losing their political power as they were the majority.

“We accept this fact and to ask for the Federal Constitution to put in such a criteria is not progressive,’’ he added.

Loke’s party colleague Jenice Lee also tweeted her dissatisfaction with Shamsul Iskandar’s statement.

Lee said she was disgusted with the youth leader’s statement.

“We are all Malaysians!’’ retorted the Teratai assemblyman.