Can you believe it? Today, The Star reported that San Miguel got the green light from the relevant ministries. In short, the UMNO-led government approved the sale of Esso Malaysia to San Miguel a beer giant [].

560 pieces of strategic pieces of land throughout Malaysia (no-brainer right because these pieces of land are specially chosen for the traffic volume) to a foreign company whose directors are now under investigation in the Philippines for insider trading. As one of the member of the Senate committee stressed, we have enough evidence to indict that San Miguel Director []. So what’s this UMNO-led government doing? Diddly shit, nothing in short.

On the excuse that any interference in the approval process would send wrong signals to the international press and the foreign investment community, the UMNO-led BN abdicated from its responsibilities. For this reason alone, if this government cannot protect the Malays, Muslims, and Malaysians in general, then it is not fit to govern.

The funny thing about all this is how treacherous UMNO and the old guards Mahathir, the sons Mirzan and Muhkriz have all berkomplot to get the beer company into Malaysia. Unbelievable as if it’s not enough Mahathir as the advisor of Petronas told Petronas not to bid against San Miguel leaving the light-weights to go against a conspiracy which would go down in Malay history as the greatest betrayal of Malay rights – Tunku Abdul Rahman fought for our independence, our ability to discern what’s good for our nation.

Mahathir and Najib have decided to betray that trust passed down by Tunku. Mahathir obviously has a thick A-file on Najib so Najib is nothing but a puppet. So we have to ask ourselves what next for Malaysia? In Egypt and Libya they kicked people like Mahathir out for good and threw them behind bars for stealing from the people. In the Phillipinnes, they are putting Arroyo to jail. It’s high time we get going on putting Mahathir and his whole family behind bars and maybe even more than that.

Our opportunity is fast approaching. Make sure you vote this election. As long as UMNO is there, Mahathir and his cronies Daim, and his idotic children are stealing the riches of the nation. Can you imagine I was sitting there at Sharil (of Sapura fame)’s daughter wedding in Shangri-La and I told myself looking at all these crooks and arseholes and I told myself this is it – It’s really too much and this last act of betrayal on Malay rights and our land is the last straw. Anything but UMNO (ABU). Remember, if we do not take this important action, who will?


Tunku Fariz