Talking Bibles: PAS won’t entertain Hasan

Selangor PAS Commissioner says that responding to Hasan would be giving a small issue great importance.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Selangor PAS Commissioner, Abdul Rani Osman, today said that PAS will not entertain the latest claim by his predecessor, Hasan Ali, that solar-powered talking Bibles are being used to convert Muslims in Selangor.

Hasan, who heads the state’s Islamic affairs portfolio, yesterday announced this as part of research conducted by the state’s religious authority (JAIS).

His statement has earned him a tongue-lashing from Islamic scholar, Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, for insulting both Muslims and the Islamic faith.

But no PAS leader has publicly chastised Hasan as yet and Abdul Rani said he doubted that any would take the bait.

“Hasan’s statement is a provocative move and unfortunately we don’t have a state disciplinary body,” he said. “But entertaining this would only have a negative affect on Pakatan Rakyat.”

Hasan’s claim comes just three months after a controversial raid by JAIS on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) following allegations of proselytisation during a charity dinner there.

But Abdul Rani dismissed speculation that it could further resurrect tensions between Muslims and Christians in the state.

“PAS is not at all worried about that because this issue is not as big as certain quarters hope to make it,” he said.

“So we will turn a blind eye rather than add fire to it. With elections around the corner, we have bigger issues to focus on like corruption.”

Baptism certificates

Abdul Rani, the Meru assemblyman, also confirmed rumours of controversial booklets being distributed in Selangor aimed at triggering Muslim-Christian conflict.

According to a source, these booklets are being circulated by suraus in the state and depict Muslims holding baptism certificates with a background image of DUMC.