Chua Soi Lek (CSL), A Political Dwarf Against Lim Guan Eng (LGE), A Political Giant

Nicole Tan Lee Koon

This is in response to Chua Soi Lek’s press statement dated 16th Nov, 2011 ( In that press statement, CSL said that he shall abstain from responding to LGE’s demand for MCA to apologise unless LGE replied his questions on hudud law. In the same statement CSL claimed that he is not against overseas Malaysians voting.

I would like to remind the MCA President that the main issue is the Malaysian citizen’s constitutional right to vote (CCRTV). CSL should be defending CCRTV instead of just “not opposing”. CSL is reluctant to implement CCRTV as a leader and he is evasive by using lame excuses such as logistical nightmare and “out of touch” (which he later denied). Lame because how can one use logistics to deny a constitutional right?

Further, he tried to sidestep the issue by referring to their only ammunition (hudud law) which is being used ad nauseam.  To set the record straight, LGE did respond to the hudud issue ( and (

CSL tried to brush off LGE’s challenge for him to apologise for the overseas voting issue. Who is CSL to brush off LGE’s challenge? CSL is only a political dwarf compared to LGE who is a political giant. Why? Because CSL has no courage to defend CCRTV like LGE.

CSL’s only courage was to own up to a sex video (CCTV) which made him well known to all Malaysians, Asians and the whole world. He was even rewarded by the MCA’s delegates to be the President, immediately after that ! Speaks volumes of the quality of delegates that MCA has by electing a porn star to represent Malaysia. Whereas LGE’s courage is quite different. He was incarcerated for defending an underaged girl whom he does not know. He suffered in jail for 18 months and he was also disqualified from standing for public office for a period of five years.  He was the David fighting the Goliath in the form of big bullies, Barisan Nasional. He never gave up. For his courage and sacrifice, he was rewarded by the Rakyat to be the Chief Minister of Penang.

CSL was given a new lease of life and yet he committed the greatest mistake by not defending the Rakyat’s constitutional right to vote.  CSL has no choice but to state his stand in defending CCRTV. He has to act as a leader. Failing to do so, he will go down in history as a MCA leader who refused to defend CCRTV. Even worse, in doing so he has denied CCRTV!


Nicole Tan Lee Koon,

Hon. Secretary, Seremban branch, NS DAP