Did Najib Miscalculate When To Hold the Next GE?

By Masterwordsmith

If Najib had called for the GE to be held next month, Pakatan would have been caught with their pants down!!! With this delay, BN has given Pakatan a new breath of life and a reprieve to resolve all their issues.

But that is looking at things internally. You can solve your internal problems. More worrying is the alarming fact that there are external factors in this situation which are beyond your control. And this is what Najib may be faced with at the moment.

For the past six months or so, most of us had been bracing ourselves for the announcement of the 13th General Elections which many expected on 11th November (11.11.11). In fact, some speculated that the Parliament would be dissolved on 11th November (after the PM’s return from the haj) and then for the GE to be held some time in December, speculated to be 10th Dec.

That, however, did not happen, and it appears that the GE may be held around March or April next year instead.

I am of the opinion that this could be a serious miscalculation.

Firstly, it is common knowledge that Najib is going to face a lot of resistance from within Umno. Clearly, if he holds the GE now he can ‘clean up’ Umno and get rid of his ‘threats’. With the delay in holding the next GE, he is now giving them more time to consolidate and to strengthen their moves against him.

Secondly, most PM’s in the past including Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah held the GE within six months of taking office to legitimise their position. Contrastingly, Najib has not been elected into office.He is merely a ‘caretaker’ PM in a sense. On that count, is he a legitimate PM?

Seriously, 2012 is going to see more turmoil then even WWII. 2012 is going to be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it, economically and socially speaking. The two greatest Pre-Christian empires of 2,000 years ago, Italy and Greece, have fallen.

Moving northwards, we can see how the British Empire where the sun never sets has seen the sun setting long ago.

Currently, the US Dollar is not even worth the paper it is printed on. It is only of value as long as you need to buy oil because the USD is the currency accepted for deals. If not, no one would want the US Dollar.

Thus, it can be seen that the US is as good as dead. The only difference is that it is not pronounced dead, not until the USD becomes demonitised, so to speak.

One reason Libya was attacked and occupied is because Gaddafi wanted to ‘unpeg’ the sale of oil from the USD.  In reality, if he had succeeded,  the US would be history. By a twist of fate, now Gaddafi is history and the USD is still in demand.

With all that is happening, it appears that Europe is possibly facing WW3. Unlike the previous world wars,  WW3 is not a military war but an economic war. The question at the tip of our tongues is whether Europe will survive this war. Maybe yes and maybe no. And the chance of no is bigger than the chance of yes.

Asia is but a small cog in the entire machinery. If Europe sneezes, countries like Malaysia will catch a cold.

And we are already showing some symptoms.

Can Malaysia survive if Europe crashes?