BN will never win GE-13 if Muhyiddin becomes PM

Malaysian Diablo, Hornbill Unleashed

With all this fighting going on in UMNO, I think it is time the Umno-putera need to take a step back and have a broader consideration for the greater loss they are going to have to face!

Simply put the Non Malays do not trust or like their Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), and the Malay votes are divided. Therefore just by calculating half the Malay voters(non Umno supporter) and the 70% of the non Malay votes, jointly this group of disgruntled voters will cause a substantial change in Parliament.

Even the vote rigging, the sudden jump in postal votes in opposition seats together with the recent registration of immigrants as Malaysians will not be enough if the non Malays, join forces to vote out UMNO.

Our DPM has for too long portrayed himself as an ultra Muslim, in order to win support from right wing factions in Unmo and the rural Muslim. His claim that the Malays outnumber the non-Malays has been his prime justification for this ultra policy.

30 years of brainwashing , that only UMNO can save the Malays from the claws of the opposition who are waiting to destroy the Malay race, and that only UMNO can save them form becoming second class citizen in their own land, has today become an antiquated story line.

Race championing that spawned racism

Muhyiddin, who saw the effects of May 13, and whose early years were fashioned around this belief, has been prompting this view for the last 20 over years, to help build his career in UNMO.

This fear-mongering mentality, which worked so well for Tun Razak and Tun Dr Mahathir, was assisted by the fact that the indigenous parties in Borneo together with Indian and Chinese component parties within the Barisan National government, were too preoccupied or scared to give up their comfort zone within the coalition to do anything to protect the majority that they represent. And this in turn created a false belief that has hardened this ultra Malay leader into actually thinking that he is of a superior race.

In his rise to power as the DPM, it does seem that he has again failed to realize that in 2008, it was the indigenous parties who had kept the Barisan National and its Umno leaders in power especially when its traditional allies, the Indian and Chinese parties were wiped out.

The general non-Malay public are certainly very uncomfortable with the possibility that the most racist UMNO leader to-date is being groomed to be the prime minister in waiting.

Compared with other DPMs

Previous prime ministers like Mahathir built his early career on being an ultra Malay youth leader, his nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, also followed similar steps. Both Mahathir and Anwar were initially seen as racist but when both became DPMs, they both quickly altered this ultra-image in order to garner the non Malay support

Muhyiddin, on the other hand, has decided to become even more of an ultra Malay, after taking over the DPM’s role, and has therefore smacked the hypothesis that our BN leaders are not racist but pretend to be only to climb up the political ladder. Also in the past, the opposition was weak and the Barisan National was seen as an elder brother who had built this country. Thus an ultra-Malay leader, before would have been acceptable, but today this is no longer the case!

Our present DPM continues to maintain his racist outlook to keep his grassroots supporters happy at the expense of losing all support and credibility from the non-Malays.

Insult to the Indians

Every Indian Malaysian certainly know that the Muhyiddin did not support any Indian sportsperson or student with government scholarships, when he was Mentri Besar in the state of Johor, nor has he as the DPM and the Education minister ever supported an increase of scholarships for Indians or non Bumiputeras.

The high-handed manner in which he forced the Interlok book back into the schools without keeping his promise to amend the offending passages in the book, has angered the Indians. His single-handed dismissal of the learned panel of educationists, who recommended changes in the book, has further proven to the Indians that he cannot be trusted, nor that he is willing to listen to their views. His actions seems to indicate that he may not considered them on the same level as the Malay race and himself.

His arrogance in not dealing with the Interlok book because it puts the Chinese and Indians in bad light in the school syllabus, is a clear indication of his ultra-Malay mind set.

Today, every Malaysian knows that when you meet the DPM ‘Interlok’ is a haram word like ‘Bersih’

His flag bearing boy – P Kamalanathan the Hulu Selangor MP – has done very little to help the Indians despite his impressive promises in the by-election. The people have realized that Muhyiddin is no better that the other UMNO leaders with their empty promises. At the next GE, Kamalanathan cannot stand again at the same Selangor seat, because he has not kept any of the BN promises in the by election. Those who voted him the first time will almost certainly reject him!