Azmin and Tian Chua : Axis of Evil within PKR?


“Azmin and Tian Chua must never be allowed to take over from Anwar” That was the first line of DA’s email to me this morning. I read that at around 4am Monday morning and what it said exactly conceptualized the thoughts I have had these last week or so.

So I am not the only one thinking these thoughts! There is DA and who else amongst you hold the same thoughts? 

Twice I have sat down to write on this but stopped myself unsure of where to go with my thoughts. Our common goals and shared dreams is of a vibrant PKR unshackled from the corruption of its leaders while they were with UMNO. We wanted a PKR able to build on its massive victory at the 2008 General Election and a PKR honest in its avowed commitment to social justice and anti corruption.     

What we have instead is a PKR mired with overt wheeling and dealings as the time for DSAI’s sentencing nears. And as with Zaid Ibrahim this time again Azmin and Tian Chua are in the thick of it all.

This time there is no Zaid Ibrahim to stand with courage and conviction against their insistence on having their way with PKR. This time there is only a first term MP –married and with child. Obedient to her parents wishes and still unsure of her place within PKR first tier leadership level despite being elected one of its Vice President in 2010.

But what pedigree for a first term MP! Her father is Anwar Ibrahim and her mother Wan Azizah. In the 2008 general election, the first that she had ever contested, and at age 28, she defeated a three-term incumbent Sharizat who was also a Minister!

So what will Azmin and Tian Chua do with her now? Or to be more exact, what will Nurul do when her father is again incarcerated for sodomy two?

What I want Azmin and Tian Chua to know is this. Before you move to do to Nurrul what you did to Zaid Ibrahim do not forget that she is her father’s daughter! When push comes to shove I think Anwar will blink!

Do not forget that unlike you and Tian Chua, Nurrul has a deep reserve of goodwill and affection from within PKR, from within the young and from females. Doubt this at your own peril.   

What she lacks in experience and political expedience she more than makes up through her commitment to do good and what is right for our country and its people – even, I suspect, if that means defying Anwar and Azizah to do what she thinks is right for PKR and for the people she serves.