Fortunate are the merciful, for they shall find mercy

By May Chee

I will have to run away from home soon. Born and bred in one of the two states that now want to criminalize homosexual activities (whatever that may mean), I fear soon some people will come knocking on my door, wanting to turn out my closets! Or should it be a case of “Leadership by Example” whereby these people should do some spring-cleaning in their own homes first?

What if they find some members of their families hiding in these closets? Are they going to turn them in? I hope not because even vipers know how to love their own!

’m of the opinion that only those who have got nothing better to do with their lives have the time to find issues with others. Everything is an issue these days! If these people are so intolerant, how do they get past their own reflections that stare back at them
from their mirrors each morning? How is it that they can see the splinter in the eye of another without first removing the log from their own?

There should be no frontier for love. There is a place for everyone under the sun and we do have plenty of sun here, in Malaysia, so what’s stopping us? To be seen as a people of faith? A holy people? Can we be a holy people when we persecute others wantonly?

Can we be seen as the faithful if we deny others the right to live their lives with dignity? Are these “holier than thou” people trying to purge society of “evil” or are they trying to be one up against another? Who are the “evil” ones here? I would say only those who are pure of heart and intentions are not!

Though all societies feel the need to separate good from evil, they have done so according to human standards. The good book tells us that true purity is that of the heart. We should be an enlightened people by modeling our lives on “love of our neighbour”, including the orphans, widows and strangers. An act is deemed unworthy if done just to obtain human approval.

What about justice towards one’s neighbour? Is it justified to criminalize another’s behaviour just because he takes a different road? Are we not a “free” people? Did someone not say just very recently that we have the best democracy in the world? A case of “Malaysia Boleh”, perhaps? How can our LGBTIQ brothers and sisters live truly and freely if we dictate to them how they should live their lives?

Is it democratic to dictate to another how he should eat, breathe and love?

What does unity in diversity mean? Seems like those who were espousing this adage not too long ago are now guilty of encouraging division, untruth and violence under the pretense of serving a just cause. A scandal is not something that makes a noise or causes a stir in society but one which leads consciences astray and causes those who seemed honest to fall.

I would say that those who condone and practise blatant corruption as an example of being scandalous. Vote-buying doesn’t sit well with me, too, and the list goes on. Go-lah, those of you who see yourselves as moral-guardians of society – round up those who are truly corrupted, not criminalize those who are just asking for their right to be seen, heard and treated as an equal, something long overdue in our first-class democratic society!

The world is challenging enough for some, almost a trial on a daily basis. This is the 21st century. We can no longer sit back and let others lord over us. We have as much a right to be here as anyone. We need to work towards a just society and we cannot achieve it through accusations and hatred. Forgiveness must replace the thirst for revenge. Moreover revenge is not ours to take. So, too, the propensity to judge another.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no saint and I’m not beneath judging another. However, I hate myself for doing this, that is judging another. In judging, we mere humans tend to condemn. I try to live my life this way – to do my best and live the rest to God, including judging another. I believe in judging, He tempers it with great mercy. Mercy is compassion and forebearance shown by one to another who is in his power and has no claim to kindness.

The good book says that God is compassionate, sharing a deeper mercy where misery is deeper, offering hope and total liberation where hope is dimmest. God respects people. Respect is an attitude proper to a free person. God is patient, so much so that the reconciliation of so many contradictory groups, forces and cultural currents active in the world today will only be attained at the end of time. In the meantime, we have no business labeling any of them as “the good ones” or “the bad ones”.

So, I implore you, my fellow Malaysians, be merciful for “Fortunate are the merciful, for they shall find mercy”. You never know when you might just end up at the shorter end of the stick!

To my LGBTIQ brothers and sisters, I hope you can find comfort in this phrase: “I will not relieve you of your load but by placing my yoke on you, I give you means of carrying the load.” Have faith and God bless.