Citizen Empowerment Programme 19 & 20 Nov 2011

Citizen Empowerment School (CES) is initiated by Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) to Raise Awareness Amongst the Rakyat.

Curently, CES  offers Citizen Empowerment Programme which will be conducted over two days on every month. Participants will have the privilege of listening to and learning from some of Malaysia’s leading social activists, including MCLM Chairman Raja Petra Kamarudin and MCLM President Haris M. Ibrahim.

The CES ‘s programme offers an incisive analysis of the state of our nation, Malaysia, offering an accurate picture that cuts through political rhetoric and popular misconceptions. Topics will cover poverty and social injustice, the Federal Constitution as well as electoral fraud and other abuses.

Subsequently, CES will help participants to explore all the possible steps and actions they can take to contribute to making Malaysia the nation envisioned by our founding fathers.

CES is a very intensive and interactive workshop. However, we are confident that participants will come away with a profound understanding of their role as the Third Force, and with that, a powerful sense of empowerment.

It is our hope that with each session of CES, more and more Malaysians will join us in our efforts to take our country back on the right path as a democratic, just and inclusive nation for all.