Anwar like a chameleon, says Tee Yong

(The Star) – Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a political chameleon who changes his stand when facing different crowds, said MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Datuk Chua Tee Yong.

Chua said the Opposition Leader had openly supported the implementation of hudud law in Kelantan in September but in November, he backpedalled to a Chinese crowd in Selangor by saying that hudud law was not part of Pakatan Rakyat’s policy.

He said Anwar’s backing of hudud law and for PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat was made only to cater to the large Muslim population.

“This is where we see his political chameleon ways’ in full play. There is no sincerity in his words at all,” Chua said in a statement yesterday.

To gain the support of the urban Chinese community and leaders of 65 Chinese associations and guilds at a function in Subang Jaya on Nov 8, Anwar had stated that Pakatan would not implement hudud law, Chua added.

He said that if PKR or DAP were genuine in ensuring that hudud law would not be enacted as a federal policy, Pakatan should spell it out clearly in its Buku Jingga or Orange Book.

“Such recourse is more so pertinent in view of PAS’ backing for the Orange Book,” he said.

Chua said Anwar and other PKR leaders had fervently denied Pakatan’s plan to reduce the number of civil servants when it was revealed by DAP MP Tony Pua but they did not demonstrate the same enthusiasm in pushing back PAS’ plan to implement hudud law in Kelantan, despite concerns and condemnation by Malaysians.

“This clearly shows the double-standard treatment by Anwar and the lack of courage by PKR to challenge PAS, even if it means putting the interest of non-Muslims at risk.

“What’s more, should Pakatan come to power, there would be no guarantee that the implementation of hudud law nationwide could be stopped by either Anwar or DAP leaders,” he said.