Student demonstrations planned for 9th November


Students will be meeting in central London tomorrow to continue the demonstrations against the Coalition government’s education reforms which began a year ago. With the eyes of the national media on the event, honest reporting from the ground will determine how the protest is portrayed.

There is fear among many that the demonstration could descend into the same violence as was seen last year, when some protesters assaulted Conservative Party HQ at Millbank Tower, smashed police vehicles and defaced the area around Parliament Square. Others worry that the police response may be too heavy-handed, following reports that the Metropolitan Police are prepared to deploy officers armed with rubber bullets and the ongoing scandal surrounding police agents provocateurs in activist organisations.

Your reporting and images could determine how the demonstration is reported. Help Demotix make sure that the truth, rather than speculation and hearsay, informs the conversation about the protest. And before you go, make sure that you inform yourself as much as possible about what’s planned for the day. We’ve included some links below to help you get started.