‘Largest mobilisation of rakyat’ if polls held before reforms

PRESS STATEMENT: Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM)

Recently, we have witness the rising power of the people bowed in several countries beyond a dictatorship govern. The sparks influence our country directly or indirectly, and the responded to the rising power of the people greatly feared by the government who play democracy inversely to remain in power.

Despite enduring a government through fraud, including fraud in the elections that saw them with the specific purpose has rejected the reliable, clean and fair election system, but chose to pursue dubious electoral system and easily manipulated by the government agency itself.

The Government is also pretend that they have alleged to have tremendous support, but the truth, mostly the people have rejected the ruling regime on factors of oppression and abuse the public trust.In the end as a result, this government collapsed fell even they’ve won a great victory in the elections of their creation.

That’s what happened in many countries ruled by regimes that deny democracy and ride all the agencies should act neutral, hence willing to sell country’s sovereignty in order to remain in power In Malaysia, on July 9th 2011, thousands of people have chosen the street to persuade the country’s election process improvements, which proved to be contaminated multiple disabilities who often denied the government.

Shortcomings of the electoral process has been acknowledged by Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak announced the Select Committee On The Election Process Improvement, contrary to the declaration the need for the improvement of the electoral process. In the meantime, further public statements issued by the leadership of the National Front and the Prime Minister himself, who suggested that the General Elections to-13 will be held soon and not have to wait for the promised electoral reform process to be complete.

Even more annoy and conflict with the guarantee to improve the election process, there was the variety of negative developments, such as granting citizenship to foreigners as ‘special’ for the purpose of voting. This madness seems to sell the country to retain power.

Also feared to occur, improvement of claim in the context of reforming the electoral system of postal voting system in a protest before this is not only ignored but exacerbated by the proposed public employees other than police and military, as a member of RELA and nurses for example are forced to use postal votes. This is how they purposely put more damage on electoral system to allow the regime to stay in power.

The latest information from internal sources that can be believed to have revealed that the Prime Minister to dissolve the parliament in November to allow general elections occur in the near future. Taking advantage of the monsoon season and the hajj, reinforces that November was chosen as the most appropriate time, thus providing an additional advantage for the regime.

Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) along with friends of other mass organizations today representing the totality of the people to warn the Prime Minister of Malaysia that the election can be called only after the process of improving the election process done.

Process improvements should also be a process of ‘reform’ which provides answers to the serious weaknesses that are often used by certain parties and not just mere cosmetic change.

Be assured the people had begun to lose patience. The country is facing a crisis of belief in the democratic process of elections is now the worst. If the election is still valid before a convincing electoral process improvements, we promise to move the largest mobilization of the people.

If elections are called in the near future (at least) before the special committee executed, then a most dirty election in history is guaranteed. If this still occur, the inevitable perception of this election is only the ‘false’ to justify the regime stay in power.

But this does not rule out the possibility of the people down not only to protest but the willing to change the regime that has long failed to secure the rights of the people to get the democratic process of elections clean and fair would be beyond the limit. We can not rule out the possibility of the people will rise to ensure that the regime collapse to the fair and clean elections can take place and this country can be saved.

We on behalf of Malaysians who are concerned to give an ultimatum to the Prime Minister of Malaysia compulsory elections only after the process of improvement of the electoral process seriously and assure complete sets or face the power of the people.