Calls to keep PPSMI policy for future generations

Parents are happy with the government’s about turn on the PPSMI issue but they want the policy to be kept for future generations.

(Free Malaysia Today) – There is a sense of relief that the students will be allowed to continue learning Mathematics and Science in English  but at the same time parents want the policy to be continued for future generations.

“What has been announced is a half measure, it is not a total reinstatement of PPSMI…it is a knee-jerk reaction because of the demands of  parents. This is just a move to please as the elections are around the corner.

“English is important for scientific knowledge. the body of knowledge of Math and Science are in English,” said Shamsudin Bin Hamid a father of four school-going children.

” The younger generation should not be deprived of this.”  he said.

Yesterday, Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the cabinet has decided to allow students under the PPSMI policy to continue learning Mathematics and Science in English or in Bahasa Malaysia.

Muhyiddin who is also the Deputy Prime Mnister said that this was this is to address the concerns of parents whose children are already studying the subjects in English.

However, he said that the abolishment of PPSMI as decided in 2009 still stands and students coming into Standard One next year will learn the two subjects in Malay as the MBMMBI (Upholding the Malay Language, Strengthening the English Language) commences.

Shamsudin said Bahasa Malaysia as the national language will still be given importance as a medium of instruction for other subjects.

“I fully support former primer Mahathir Mohamad’s suggestion that other subjects such as history and geography should be thought in Malay, as it is our national language, but it is imperative for Math and Science to be thought in English,” he said.

Another parent, Lee Hui Seng, whose 16 year-old son is studying in a school in PJ said all parents whose children are directly affected will be happy however the struggle must continue to keep this debate alive.