“Bickering Politicians Will Benefit Enemies of Islam”

(Malaysian Digest) – Muslim politicians that are always at loggerheads with each other was one of the reason why the western secular ideas can easily influenced this country, said PERKID president ustaz Masridzi Sat (photo).

altHe said that the western ideas such as excessive human rights and homosexuality can easily get into this country as the Muslim politicians who are supposed to guard the constitution and the religion was busy fighting with each other over their political stance.

“They are busy fighting with each other that they appear weak to the eyes of the enemies of Islam,” said Masridzi.

“Seksualiti Merdeka is the example of what can happen if politicians are focusing more towards their political agenda rather than guarding the religion and the laws.

“The enemy of Islam will take full advantage of it, because they think that we are weak,” he added.

altMasridzi met by Malaysian Digest during a peaceful asembly organized by PEMBELA at the Sultan Salhudin Abdul Aziz Shah mosque compound.

He also said that the event who is hiding behind the name of human rights should have been opposed since the event did not acknowledge the basic rights of the Muslims who reject homsexuality.

“Seksualiti Merdeka promotes homosexuality, something that is forbidden by Allah, as a Muslim in an Islamic country like Malaysia, we also have full rights to reject such immoral event,” he said.

He said events like Seksualiti Merdeka will affect the community as well as promoting immoral way of life especially for people who have limited interactions with different gender.