Bahasa Malaysia has no global economic value

Whats the point of flagging Bahasa Malaysia when our economy is weak?

(Free Malaysia Today) – Sarawak opposition has called on the federal government to be both sensible and practical in dealing with the issue of Bahasa Malaysia as a useable national language.

Drawing attention to Sarawak’s multi-dialectical communities, state DAP secretary general Chong Chien Jen said it was disappointing to see the government’s ‘overzealousness’ about pushing the Bahasa Malaysia agenda.

Said Chong: “From a Sarawakian perspective it is a stupid move…in Sarawak, Bahasa Malaysia, English and native languages are used alongside each other.

“This is written in our Malaysia Agreement…there is no issue.

“We understand Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. It is important, but we have to also understand that the country is not an island. We are playing in global fields,” he said.

No economic value

He said from an economic point of view the move would be detrimental to the country in the long run.

“When the economy is weak, you cannot be overzealous about Bahasa Malaysia.

“If our economy is strong, not only our people will start to learn Bahasa Malaysia, foreigners will also start learning the language.

“Just like China now where a lot of foreigners are learning Mandarin because her economy is strong,” he said alluding to Malaysia’s public debt and the frail global economy.