Music fans slam PAS Youth over call to ban Elton John

(The Star) – Critics have lambasted Pahang PAS Youth for its call to ban Elton John. They say PAS should not impose its values on other Malaysians and not oppose the legendary singer-songwriter from performing in Malaysia without being intimidated.

Pahang PAS Youth chief Shaahril Azman Abdul Halim was reported by Harakah as saying Elton promotes “hedonism” and his gay marriage would have a negative effect on young Malaysians.

Elton, who has sold more than 250 million records in a career spanning four decades with hits such as Rocket Man and Your Song, married David Furnish in 2005 when same-sex marriage was legalised in Britain.

Elton’s concert, scheduled to be held in Genting Highlands on Nov 22, is his first in Malaysia.

First in Malaysia: Elton John, who will perform in Genting Highlands on Nov 22, has sold 250 million records in a career spanning four decades.

Politician Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said PAS Youth should not object to the “harmless” concert and should focus instead on addressing society’s problems.

The Kita president said Elton had performed for years and had many avid Malaysian fans who were keen to see his first concert in the country.

“Let them watch the concert, it can do no harm. PAS must show its progressive image and be more flexible,” he said.

In a sarcastic note on his tweet, musician-turned-businessman Jason Lo said: “Dear PAS Youth, if you are against Elton John, please ask your members to stop calling me for free tickets.”

Karyawan president Datuk Freddie Fernandez said: “These people (from PAS) should all go and live in a cave.”

KRU member and Recording Industry Association of Malaysia chairman Norman Halim said the PAS Youth members were “just a few narrow-minded people trying to impose their values on everybody”.

Sisters In Islam communications member Akmal Zulkifli said there were far more corrupting influences on YouTube than at an Elton John concert.

“He will go on stage to play the piano and perform not to kiss another guy,” she said.

Voice of Women president Chew Hoong Ling said there was a similar protest against eighth season American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert last year.

She said the call for a ban on Elton John’s concert was “sheer extremism”, adding that PAS is “dangerously pushing Malaysia to become another Iran”.