Pre-vocational subject in 50 schools next year

By Ahmad Fairuz Othman, NST

SINGAPORE: A pre-vocational subject would be introduced to 50 secondary schools next year to expose students to various professional skills at an early stage.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also education minister said the pioneering project would allow students between Form One and Three to aquire basic knowledge in various professional fields.

He said the subject would not be made compulsary, and those students who show a keen interest in it would be streamed accordingly at a later level.

“After that, if they are interested in the subject, they could continue at certificate and diploma level,” said Muhyiddin after visiting Tuas South Incineration Plant here during his official two-day visit to the republic yesterday.

He said existing teachers and instructors under the Education Ministry, who specialise in vocational studies would be roped into the pioneer project.

“This is only an early education (on vocational fields) that does not require high level skills as seen in full vocational schools.”

Muhyiddin had earlier visited the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), which is known for its vocational and technical courses.

He said the Education Ministry is looking into the model for vocational studies in Singapore, which differs from the Malaysian model, to see whether it could be adopted.

“Singapore’s vocational education is as such that 70 per cent of its learning is made up of practical, while only 30 per cent is theory.”

On another matter, Muhyiddin, who is chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Solid Waste Management said the Housing and Local Government Ministry would identify new systems for solid waste management that are both efficient and safe to be used in the country.

He said incineration of solid waste which is being done in four plants in Singapore was also being looked into.

“It is important for us to use the best system and technology. We can see how Singapore has manage this field and we would look at its suitability for us.”

Muhyiddin described his official visit to Singapore as fruitful as it helped to further established strong bilateral ties between the two neighbouring countries.