Ibrahim calls Perkasa ‘catalyst for Malaysian unity’

(The Malaysian Insider) – Perkasa is not a racist party but a champion of national unity, president Datuk Ibrahim Ali said today.

The Malay rights leader said the group was a “catalyst for unity” as it sought to keep intact the social contract agreed upon by the country’s founding fathers for the sake of peace and harmony.

“Perkasa fights to ensure the country is free from threats. This means Perkasa is not overly obsessed or too focused… on Malay and Bumiputera issues only.

“Perkasa is the catalyst for Malaysian unity overall,” he said in his policy speech at the second Perkasa general assembly here today.

Ibrahim pointed out that adherence to and respect for the social contract and Bumiputera constitutional rights had allowed Malaysians of all races to prosper since independence.

“Any threat to [the social contract] will threaten everyone… Perkasa intends to keep the national contract from being the spark for racial conflict that will burn us all,” he said.