Soi Lek tells people to be ‘less hateful’, ‘less jealous’

By Lisa J Ariffin, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — Leaders will have less to worry if the rakyat can be less hateful, less jealous, more forgiving, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said today.

“We have to unshackle the grip on social discontentment and think positively ahead to create a Malaysian society that has great compassion, innovativeness and creativeness to move forward,” the MCA president said in his Deepavali message.

“The last thing that Malaysia needs now is communal conflicts or being embroiled in social or political upheaval,” he added.

Dr Chua (picture) said the many initiatives outlined by the government including the goodies announced during the recent budget are examples of a caring government.

“These are all in line with the 1 Malaysia agenda and the government needs the full backing of the people to continue with its ongoing activities to cater to the expectations and aspirations of the people,” he said.

He added that Malaysians must celebrate but have to remind themselves “not to overspend, overindulge or splurge on unnecessary things or outings that we can do without”.

“We need more of the good-feel factor in our lives to uplift our spirits to face the current challenging times in the world economy.”