No action against ‘notorious’ military contractors

Defence Ministry keeps errant contractors despite reminders from Auditor-General’s Office.

(Free Malaysia Today) – The Defence Ministry refused to take stern action against 10 errant contractors who were awarded contracts worth RM76 million for work delays despite being notified by the Auditor-General’s Office.

Each of these companies recorded various levels of delay in repairing the air force’s Aviation Ground Support Vehicles (AGSV).

The 2010 AG’s Report noted that instead of severely censoring them, the ministry extended their contracts.

In its rebuke, the AG noted that the ministry did nothing more than issue these notorious contractors warning letters.

“And their contracts were extended till Dec 6 last year although their contracts were supposed to expire on June 5,” noted the report.

It noted that the companies most notorious for their delay in delivery of repaired vehicles were Kobat Engineering Sdn Bhd, Sesama Auto Sdn Bhd, Aerospace Technology System Corporation Sdn Bhd and Aviasi Industri Sdn Bhd.

Kobat Engineering had the worst track record, while another company Aviasi took more than a year to repair and return a towing truck to the ministry.

“And the excuse they gave is lack of expertise, no spare parts and sometimes say they couldn’t even find what’s the problem with the vehicle,” noted the AG’s Report.