Thank the people, not politicians or govt

By Jackson Ng

I WANTED to puke when I spotted The Star’s report titled “Chua: Thanks for the Chinese school help”.

The “offensive” excerpts of the report are:

“KAJANG: MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has thanked the Government for allocating land and money to build two new Chinese schools and refurbish another in the Kajang area.

He welcomed Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin‘s announcement yesterday of a RM9mil allocation to build two SRJK(C) schools in Kajang Utama and Sg Long and RM3.5mil for SRJK(C) Sg Chua to improve its infrastructure.

“We thank the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister for bringing us this much-awaited news.”

What do expect when it is a report from a newspaper that is directly owned by the MCA and led by a No.1 Umno boot-licker Chua Soi Lek.

In the first place, why must Chua thank the government for the land and money for the construction of the two new Chinese primary schools and the refurbishment of another.

It is the people, the Malaysian taxpayers, who we must thank. Not the politician or government because providing facilities for education is the elected government’s duty and job. If not, why the hell do we elect them.

In realty, the government had fared below par in providing quality education since Merdeka due to the politicising of education instead of giving due recognition to meritocracy. None of our universities are rated in the world’s top 200, losing out to all our neighbouring countries.

The Star reports Chua as saying he welcomed Muhhyiddin’s announcement! Can he not welcome the announcement? Please lah! Don’t insult the intelligence of Malaysians.

Furthermore, the announcement is made due to the coming 13th General Election. There is no sincerity.

If The Star had reported Chua as saying he did not welcome it, or it was long outstanding, etc, etc, etc … then that is news and worth the money that one is paying for the newspaper.

As usual, The Star goes about reporting their boot-licking boss as thanking the prime minister and his deputy when it is only their job and duty to serve.

The master is the people who elected them, not the other way round.

If the people don’t work hard to pay taxes, then there is no money for the government. If the people don’t elect them, then they are not the people who will govern us.

It is as simple as that and The Star and Chua cannot understand or maybe they choose not to. In this digital era, education and knowledge is boundless.

Therefore, the people today are more informed and more educated. We must therefore treat them with more respect and understanding, not insult their intelligence.

This also means, we must change with the times which obviously The Star and Chua (MCA) have not.

Stop spewing non-news and making a fool of yourselves. 

Jackson Ng