Holland Condemns Malaysia’s Timber Certification!

By Sarawak Report

Taib’s foreign business partners are working hard to present a picture that all is well in Sarawak and to imply that there are no issues with the wood logged from the state or its plantation programmes.

Indeed, last week Ta Ann Tasmania’s Chief Executive David Ridley launched a barage of justifications defending his company against a report that has revealed that Ta Ann products are falsely promoted as ‘eco-wood’, thereby deceiving consumers.

Still no answer to the charges of false eco-labelling!

However, Ridley’s repost carefully ignored the central allegation of the report, which is that the eco-labelling on Ta Ann’s products is false, because Ta Ann Tasmania does not used plantation wood, as promised, but rather threatened old-growth forest.

Rather than confronting this embarrassing matter, Ridley has chosen to focus instead on what he calls his ‘observations’ made during visits to his company’s HQ in Sarawak. 

Ridley’s fabulously rich boss, the Executive Chairman of Ta Ann, Hamed Sepawi, is of course the cousin of the corrupted Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud of Sarawak and has received numerous licences, grants of public lands and state contracts, all without proper tender.

Such matters appear not to concernm Mr Ridley, instead his ‘observations’ are these: