What we can do to sail through stormy time ahead

By Thomas Lee Seng Hock

We are all set for a hard time in the almost immediate future, with some of us becoming unemployed, others underemployed, and a few facing the prospect of becoming bankrupts. So, the immediate measure is to cut our spending. I suggest taking the following steps:

(1) stop subscription to paid TV (saving at least RM100 a month),

(2) cut fixed phone line and use only prepaid HP (saving at least of RM50 a month),

(3) don’t buy newspapers, read news online (saving at least RM60 a month,

(4) have only one dish for each meal, instead of the current three or four dishes (saving of at least RM10 a day, which works out to RM300 a month),

(5) have only two meals a day — brunch and dinner (saving at least RM10 a day or RM300 a month),

(6) drink only boiled water, no need for other beverages (saving at least RM3 a day, i.e. RM90 a month),

(7) don’t eat out — take food and drinking water to work (can save RM10 a day or RM300 a month),

(8) cut down on driving, reducing petrol cost, toll charges and parking fees (saving of about RM200 a month),

(9) reduce 50% use of shampoo, toothpaste, etc (saving of RM2 a day, i.e. RM60 a month),

(10) Use handkerchieves, instead of buying tissue papers (saving at least RM1 a day, i.e. RM30 a month),

(11) forgo new clothing for Christmas and New Year, etc (saving at least RM500 for a family of four),

(12) cut down on expenses for festivals and celebrations (like birthdays) and save at least RM100 a month,

(13) go to government hospital for treatment and medication, instead of visiting private clinics or hospitals. I save nearly RM200 a month on my daily medication using the Klang general hospital,


(14) Vote Pakatan Rakyat at next general election to save the country from bankruptcy caused by a corrupt administration.