BREAKING NEWS: The MACC raids Ho Hup’s office

Is the MACC trying to gather evidence or trying to destroy evidence?

(Malaysia Today) — The MACC raided Ho Hup’s office a few minutes ago and confiscated all the documents that would implicate the Attorney-General, Gani Patail, in acts of corruption.

The question is: did they raid Ho Hup’s office and confiscate the documents that will implicate the AG so that they can make a case against him or so that the evidence can be destroyed?

Let us wait for further news from the MACC — or at least for an announcement from them that the MACC has investigated the allegation against the AG and have found that the allegations are unfounded.

Anyway, if the MACC does destroy the evidence, then Malaysia Today will publish copies of this evidence that have been destroyed and nail both the MACC’s balls and the AG’s balls in one go.

In case you have forgotten, this was what Malaysia Today reported earlier:

After that, Ho Hup’s auditors discovered that Gani Patail’s assistance to Vincent Lye went beyond just friendship. Vincent Lye had also bribed Gani Patail. But Vincent Lye was a cheapskate and he used Ho Hup’s funds to pay for various renovation works for Gani Patail’s second wife’s house in Seremban.

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