Ex-senator agrees with US cable on Sabah situation

A Sabah activist claims a ‘reverse takeover’ was happening in Peninsular Malaysia where names of non-citizens were begining to appear on electoral rolls.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Former senator Dr Chong Eng Leong has endorsed a US embassy cable that revealed the federal government’s alleged involvement in the recruitment of illegal immigrants for political support in Sabah.

The practising surgeon who has been fighting a decade long battle to prevent the takeover of the state by illegal immigrants, alleged that government politicians had acted treasonously by ignoring immigration laws and would never allow an investigation into the matter.

Chong, who is currently a Sabah PKR leader, said the same reverse takeover was happening in the peninsula where the names of non-citizens were beginning to appear on electoral rolls.

“BN wants to regain political support in the peninsula through non-citizens’ votes – by giving away our sovereign rights.

“That’s why one of Bersih 2.0 demands is calling for the electoral rolls to be rid of phantom voters.

He reiterated that in the 90’s, when peninsula-based Umno spread its wings to Sabah, an Umno Task Force was set up to look for foreigners who were then issued Malaysian ICs, registered as Umno members and as voters in Sabah electoral rolls.

“The director of this task force was Musa Aman and the deputy was Yayha Hussin, current Sabah Chief Minister and deputy CM.

“That is the reason why RCI on Sabah illegal immigrants and Project IC will never be set up as long as Umno and BN is still the federal government,” he added.

“Recipients (of Malaysian citizenship papers) stated openly that they got ICs through Project Mahathir – stated under oath by Election Commission registering officer during the 1999 Likas election petition trial (to prove presence of non-citizen names on the electoral roll),” he said.

Unnatural population surge

Chong also disputed the Statistics Department’s 2010 numbers that they were 2.354 million Malaysians in Sabah.

He contended that if Sabah’s population growth rate since 1970 were the same as Sarawak’s, then Sabah in 2010 should have 1.617 million Malaysians, instead of 2.354 million Malaysians.