PAS leaders play down new Kedah MB talk

Embattled MB Azizan attended a few government activities earlier today just as speculation emerges that he will be replaced.

(Free Malaysia Today) – PAS has played down speculation that the party intends to remove its Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak due to poor health.

Speculation has emerged that Azizan will be replaced soon or an acting MB will be appointed from among the state executive councillors to oversee his duties while he takes time to fully recover from his heart ailment.

This is in view that the PAS-led state government needs to be reinforced ahead of the impending general election since there is also a strategic need to match the perceived inroads made by Barisan Nasional in their growing campaign to unseat Pakatan Rakyat in Kedah.

PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar said he was unaware of any moves to remove Azizan but he did acknowledge that there exist concerns among the party leaders about Azizan’s frail health after he underwent an angioplasty procedure at Institut Jantung Negara.

“We saw Azizan during his open-house for Hari Raya and there was nothing to illustrate that he is of poor health. He was joking and socialising well with those who visited him.”

Mahfuz claimed that Azizan looked better than when he was warded earlier last month.

Vice-president Sallehuddin Ayub said he was not aware of any discussions or meetings among the party leaders about the move to remove Azizan.

“News reports about such matters are just cheap shots levelled against PAS. I have no idea about whether Azizan needs to be removed due to his poor health. He is executing his duties now.”

However, Sallehudin said it remains to be seen in the future if there is a need for changes in Kedah PAS.

“PAS is a matured political party. We have been around for the last 60 years and we know how to conduct ourselves.”

Even if there is an internal dispute over how Kedah is managed, PAS would know how to resolve the issue within our confines, he claimed.

Despite what the two PAS leaders may be openly uttering about the issue, speculation continues to persist over Azizan’s political future, namely from within Kedah PAS.