Scumbag Malaysia “Recognises” Fascist Rebel Government In Libya

Matthias Chang

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is despicable enough that Malaysia did not bother to condemn the illegal and barbaric invasion of Libya by Special Forces of NATO and Britain which led to massive killings of civilians under the pretext of a UN-sanctioned imposition of a No-Fly Zone, for which China and Russia abstained.

It may have been understandable that at the initial stages, Malaysia could have been confused by the Zionist Anglo-American / NATO propaganda that Gaddafi’s government was allegedly killing its own people who supposedly was rising in protest against the rule of Gaddafi.
But there is no excuse that after the international expose of this fraud, there was still silence on Malaysia’s part in condemning the military operations against Libya.
This is hypocrisy and is so typical of Malaysia as was illustrated by the banning of President of Sudan from attending the recent Langkawi Dialogue and thereafter the scrambling to repair the damage when the Foreign Minister was dispatched to apologise to the President of Sudan for the political debacle. And all because of Malaysia’s oil investment in Sudan.
Could it be that this cowardly and hypocritical stance of Malaysia has to do with oil as well, just as the greedy and barbaric Western oil interests are doing?
Shame, shame and shame on Malaysia and the government of Malaysia.
Prime Minister Najib, are you sleeping on the job? Are you so detached that you cannot distinguish truth from falsehood?
Britain has admitted that its SAS forces were involved in the attack on Tripoli in open defiance and in contravention of UN resolutions concerning Libya, and the massacre of civilians by the so-called rebels which inter-alia consist of fascist Qataris and other ‘jihadists’ which have been financed by the countries of NATO. It is significant that even the African Union has condemned the attack on Tripoli and has not extended any recognition to the rebels.
So, what is the hurry in recognising these fascist rebels when the African Union which are more knowledgeable about the events have yet to do so? And Malaysia is a Muslim country.
Is it because Malaysia is under pressure from external parties?
If so, then Malaysia is a scumbag country devoid of morals and principals.

I call upon all peace-loving Malaysians and people of the world to condemn this hypocrisy of Malaysia.
Right now, please send emails, twitter messages, and phone calls to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and make sure he gets no let up from this global condemnation.
And make sure this time round, the foreign minister crawls to Tripoli to offer a public apology to the heroic Libyans fighting the Neo-colonialists and fascist ‘Islamic forces’ who have betrayed Islam. These child-killers and rapists are financed by the Qataris and Saudis and propped up by the insidious propaganda of Al-Jazeera. Yes, this so-called Arabic media is now a tool of the Zionist Anglo-American Elites. How can anyone think otherwise when Qatar is the operation headquarters of the American Central Command in the invasion of Iraq.
Shame, Shame, Shame on Malaysia.


Matthias Chang