Alies to Najib: If you don’t help me I will help Muhyiddin

Najib is now being threatened and basically blackmailed by his own adviser. Of course Alies is not the only one.

By catoutofbag

So it seems Datuk Rockybru has dismissed my earlier post about him leading a media onslaught against our Perdana Mentri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Many in Tan Sri Muhyiddin and the great sepupu PM Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s camp have also claimed that my posts are the work of the opposition.

Really? Do you really think these Pakatan guys really have information that I have?

Like the information on what Datuk Seri Dr Alies Anor Abdul is up to. Now maybe you will be scrambling to guess who I am. If Tun Daim has an oracle maybe our PM has one too? Please lah stop guessing lah. And stop insulting my intelligence by dismissing it as an opposition tactic to drive a wedge between Najib and Muhyiddin.

For once, that Barking Magpie maybe on to something.

The split is real. And the traitors are led by the sepupu, businessmen and those funding Datuk Rocky. So to those who still support Najib, watch it when you are in the presence of the sepupu and Rocky.

And joining them soon is Datuk Seri Alies Anor Abdul.

Who is he? Alies is the chairman of Putra World Trade Centre, the grand Umno HQ. But crucially he has been a long-time servant of Najib and is now one of his closest advisers.

But he recently had a major fallout with his boss over the advice to crack down on the Bersih activists.

He led the team of advisers who won the day after a late night session with the PM just before the rally. The advice that won the day was for PM to allow his sepupu to crack down on the rally, and to allow Muhyiddin to play the hardline champion.

The result as PM realises now is that he has been forced to the right of centre and is no longer able to portray himself as a moderate leader for the country.

And the result of Alies falling out with PM is this – he has threaten to work for Muhyiddin.

This is also because PM is not supporting his bid for the airport cargo scanner project.

Alies has been the man behind the rise of Najib, since the days of the Wawasan team when Najib was part of Anwar Ibrahim’s gang poised to take over from Dr Mahathir.

He was Najib’s political secretary between 1999 and 2005, and so the fallout is a very serious matter indeed.

But now because of money and power, he wants more and is willing to help Muhyiddin if Najib doesn’t help him.

Najib is now being threatened and basically blackmailed by his own adviser. Of course Alies is not the only one.