LDP back-stabbed by BN component members

Press statement of LDP Deputy President Senator Datuk Chin Su Phin at Tawau Sri Tanjung AGM, Aug 21, 2011

TAWAU: Liberal Democratic Party Deputy President Senator Datuk Chin Su Phin said in the 2008 general election, the LDP faced various challenges not just from the Opposition but within the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

          He said certain quarters from within BN “stabbed” the LDP from the back by asking the people to support and vote for the Opposition especially in Sandakan and Kudat where BN candidates were from the LDP.

          Chin, who was the LDP campaign director during the 12th general election, said certain village heads were directed by senior leaders to vote against the BN candidates from the LDP.

          “This back-stabbing incident is an open secret; the prepetrators wanted LDP to lose in all the four seats it contested under the BN banner during the 12th general election. However, the outcome of the polls has shown that the people dislike this kind of unethical politics. Instead, LDP won and delivered all the four seats, namely the state seats of Tanjong Kapor, Karamunting and Merotai and the Sandakan parliamentary seats,” he said when opening the Sri Tanjung AGM here today (Aug 28).

          In Kudat, Chin said, the LDP had garthered concrete proof that Umno branch leader Haji Harun had openly asked village chiefs to vote against LDP secretary-general Datuk Teo Chee Kang, who was the BN candidate for Tg Kapor.

          However, despite the back-stabbing, Chin said Teo won and delivered the seat. In fact, the outcome of the poll has shown that LDP gained rock-solid support and votes even from the non-Chinese areas, where former party supremo Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat did not get the support in the past.

          “This clearly shows that the people dislike leaders who betrayed the BN spirit of camaradeire. After the 2008 general election, we submitted our findings about the “back-stabbing” incident to the BN leadership but, alas, no action has been taken against Haji Harun.

          “Haji Harun is merely a branch leader of Umno; we believe that he has the backing from certain leaders, otherwise he would not has the guts to go against the LDP,” he said, adding that last year, Haji Harun “sacked” almost

  half of the village heads in Tg Kapor constituency without the assemblyman’s knowledge and a few of them were re-instated after the LDP’s made an appeal.

          “We reported the incident to the BN leadership but we’re told to be patient. No action has been taken against Haji Harun until today.

          “Recently, Haji Harun removed one village head, again without the knowledge of the assemblyman (Teo). This clearly shows that Haji Harun was taking orders from certain senior leaders who want LDP to lose in Kudat in the forthcoming general election. All this while, we’ve been very patient. We can no longer tolerate this ruthless betrayal of the BN spirit,” said Chin to the thunderous applause from the floor.

          In this reagrd, Chin reiterated his call on Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, being the State BN chairman and Sabah Umno chief, to act impartially by removing leaders who go against any of the BN component parties.

          “We’ve asked the Chief Minister to remove Haji Harun but his answer was that Haji Harun is the treasurer of Umno Kudat, thus sacking him would only drive him to join the Opposition. To the LDP, this is unacceptable; Haji Harun has repeated the same mistake and is bent on destroying the LDP in Kudat.

          “As the Chief Minister and Sabah Umno chief, it’s only fair that Datuk Musa steps down from his posts should he fail to carry out the duties and responsibilities entrusted with him by taking an appropriate action against a small leader like Haji Harun,” he pointed out.          The LDP, said Chin, fully adhered to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s advice to all BN component parties to be loyal, unite and work together and to avoid any form of disputes amongst themselves.

          “But, it is a fact that there are certain problematic leaders within the BN. In fact, the Chinese community support the government transformation plan and to turn Malaysia into a high income nation to ensure better future for our next generations.

          “But the people dislike problematic leaders and before it is too late we urged the BN leadership to rid the BN coalition of leaders who are corrupt and abuse their powers. Only then, all the BN component parties could cooperate and work together to ensure our victory in the 13th general election,” he said.

          Chin also said the LDP fully agreed with the Prime Minister that BN would select only “winnable candidates” for the forthcoming general election. Nevertheless, he reckoned that before deciding on the list of candidates, the allocation of seats among the component parties must be resolved first.

          “Leaders who jumped from one BN party to another must be dropped because leaders without principle will be rejected by the people,” he said, stressing that it is crucial for the BN leadership to rid the coalition of problematic leaders if the BN want to secure a fresh mandate from the masses to rule the country in the next general election.

          “If problematic leaders are not remove before the next general election, it may cause friction amongst the BN component parties. And, if no change is to be taken in the present BN leadership in Sabah, it will continue to have conflict with LDP. Surely, LDP will have to fight because we don’t want to become the next SUPP,” he cautioned.

          According to Chin, the outcome of the recent state polls in Sarawak, the Chinese majority areas in particular, should serve as a wake up call for the BN leadership in the coming general election.

          He said the DAP only managed to raise one major issue by urging the people to reject the Sarawak Chief Minister and yet the opposition party nearly made a clean sweep of all the Chinese seats.

          “We will not be suprise that the DAP is going to use the same issue in Sabah during the 13the general election. As such, before DAP draws up its campaign strategy, LDP will not want leader who no longer have the full support from the people to lead Sabah BN in the next polls,” Chin added.

          The coming general election will see a significant increase in the number of young voters, and the opposition is using the Internet to lure them.

          Chin pointed out that some information provided on the Internet are true and some of the facts are being twisted and the younger generation who have access to the Internent can be easily swayed by the news provided by the new media.

          “This is one of the crucial challenges that the BN need to pay serious attention to.”

          The BN government, Chin said, is serious in improving the livelihood but, at the same time, the prices of goods kept on rising in recent times which had impacted on the people including the working youth whose monthly earning is RM2000 and below. Thus, the Government should find ways on improving the source of income of the younger generation.

          “Today we can see in many countries the younger generation are venting their anger and frustration against the government through street protest and demonstration. In Malaysia, if the government fails to address the issues and problems affecting the younger generation, we fear that they also will vent their anger and frustration through street protest and demonstration,” he cautioned.

          On the issue of Sabah being a “fixed deposit” to the BN, Chin suggested the BN component parties should stop thinking that the state will remain as its fixed deposit forever.

          “Majority of the Sabahans are silent voters and this is why the BN government must be committed in handling and resolving pertinent issues and problems to ensure the coalition’s victory in future elections,” he said.

          On the impending 13th general election, Chin said he does not see the benefit for the BN to call for a snap election now simply because the people have somewhat made up their mind on who to vote for.

          “The BN needs not have to hurry to call for a snap election. Either its going to be held today or tomorrow does not make any difference. What’s more important is that the BN should first address the issues and problems and make changes within the next one year.

          “The pertinent issues and problems include arrogant attitude of certain leaders, corrpuption and abuse of power, money laundring and the process of licence applications.

          “The people want the Prime Minister to take positive action in resolving these problems before the next general election. We can foresee that if these problems are resolved first, it will be easier for the BN to win the election and forms the next government,” he added.