Of Jais, Malay Supremacy and Mamak’s curse

By Truthbespoken

So Jais indeed does have the liberty to intrude into any public gathering of its choice without warrant under section 4 of the Non-Islamic Religions Enactment 1988. What type of law is this?Could it be based on suspicions alone?

And why is there the presence of the police force? Without first ascertaining whether Jais’s intention is right or wrong or whether its action is politically motivated or genuinely legitimate, why is the police so super efficient in protectingJais each time Jais is there to disrupt such parties and gatherings? Is there an unspoken and unholy alliance between Jais and the police? Could it be coincidental that both parties are from the Ketuanan Melayu type of establishments? Their high-handed actions smell foul on Malaysians as they do not subscribe to normal human decency values and approach. The situations are demeaning and lean towards police-protected harassment of decent citizens. It is gangsterism by religious zealots!

Can anyone say that Jais is never wrong with its arbitrary actions? Jais is not God! Jais can be faulted. If it is perceived to be willfully creating public disorder, and its action wrong in approach and intention, why should those responsible not be arrested? Can the Ketuanan Melayu-victimised groups, the people, then conduct a citizen’s arrest on them in response to the senseless intrusion? Is that why the police is always there to protect Jais?

Hell, tell us where common human social justice is if we are not even allowed to hold fund gatherings in peace for the needy within the confines of private premises! Why must theKetuanan types have to use race and religious excuses so frequently to intimidate, separate and dominate fellow Malaysians? Why must these people continue to remain so weak in mind and psyche as to have that urge to frequently impose threats and force on others to show their predominance? What’s the actual cause of such blatant arrogance?

Again, the answer is, curse befalls upon that old Mamak! It was he who had introduced and expanded on this divisive and harmful Ketuanan Melayu concept in the country! Race and religion were, and still are, the tools of these willful politicians to expand on their personal interest and greedy agendas by making use of weaklings and fools from all those Ketuananagencies set up by them to do their bidding!

Now that Malaysia has become so divided by race and religion, no thanks to Mamak again, there will be no harmony in the country! Malaysia will continue to suffer a prolonged absence of determination to move forward as a united nation. It is unfortunate those aforesaid Ketuanansimpletons and foot-soldiers may never be able comprehend the enormous detrimental effects of the Mamak’s evil spell after supporting and implementing his willful agenda for so long! TheseKetuanan types, from BTN, Jais, and several others, all irresponsibly making use of racial and religious factors, are likely to remain for sometime to continue with their insistence on Malay Nationalism over Malaysian Nationalism in multi-racial and multi-cultural Malaysia! They will always place race interest before national interest! In other words, Malaysia will continue to remain a country without a soul, a Malaysian National Soul, that is, until the Ketuanan types are released from the Mamak’s curse! I trust there is no other country in the world which is not proud or do not practice her country’s nationalism! Only Malaysia is being cursed into such a strange and untenable social situation. Sigh… Malaysians are truly in a dire need of a new government to break that Mamak curse!