Wira Perkasa lodges police report over allegation against Church


(Malaysian Digest) — Wira Perkasa Malaysia lodged a police report today urging the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation over the allegation that the Methodist church in Damansara Utama which held a dinner event that was raided by Jais last Wednesday was attempting to deviate Muslims.


Wira Perkasa Chief, Irwan Fahmi said that the organization is very concerned over the matter and called for the police and other related authorities to clarify the matter as Perkasa believes it can bring harm to the country. 

He also urged the police to conduct an investigation to clarify the status of a report by Harian Metro which claim that there is an attempt by churches that lend their help to Muslims to proselytize them.

“We urge the police to investigate the matter and also a report from Harian Metro that said there was an attempt to deviate Muslims by lending their hands to help those who are in need,” said Irwan.

“It is enough to see those apostate Muslims such as Aishah Bukhari and Azlina Jailani to get away from the authorities action as during the time the authorities have insufficient investigations and reports,” he added.

Irwan also said that Wira Perkasa fully backs PAS state exco in charge of Islamic religious affairs Datuk Dr Hasan Ali and Jais’ stands on the church raid.

“It doesn’t matter whether he is from PAS or whatnot, but when the issue regarding Islam have been touched, Wira Perkasa will do its best to defend it”, he added.

Irwan also confirmed that a memorandum will be sent to the King regarding this matter.

“His Majesty is the head of Islam according to the Constitution, therefore we will send a memorandum so that His Majesty aware of this matter,” he added.