Giving New Meaning to Reverse Takeover

By Masterwordsmith

In mid-November last year, Pauline Hanson, the Australian politician noted for her anti-immigration outbursts, has said she is abandoning plans to move to Britain because “it’s overrun with immigrants and refugees.” She went on to say that France is becoming filled with Muslims and that the French and English are losing their way of life because they’re controlled by foreigners. That scenario could well happen in our own backyard at the rate things are going.

Today, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers demanded an emergency sitting of Parliament over claims that 1,600 foreigners had been given citizenship and voting rights, claiming that if left unchecked it would erode Malaysia’s constitutional monarchy.

PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar rationalized that the permanent residents who were being given “express” citizenship and voting rights “would not appreciate our royalty as we do.” And why?

RPK’s latest post Upsetting the Ecological Balance gives the answer: 

But the new (post-Merdeka) immigrants into Malaysia do not face death in their country. They do not owe Malaysia their lives. They are merely ‘economic refugees’. It’s all about money. Their loyalty is to money, not to Malaysia.

Those are the types of people we are giving ‘instant citizenship’ to. And in time we shall realise the folly of this immigration policy.

They have no memories of the British Colonial era. They have no memories of the Japanese occupation. They have no memories of Merdeka. They have no memories of the Emergency. They have no memories of the creation of Malaysia. They have no memories of the Konfrontasi with Indonesia. They have no memories of May 13. They have no memories of anything at all that Malaysians hold dear. They are here only for the money.

So where do these people’s loyalty lie? Certainly not where our loyalties lie because they do not share our culture and value system. They are only loyal to the Ringgit and as long as the Ringgit is there they will become ‘true Malaysians’. However, once the Ringgit is no longer there, they would not care two hoots about Malaysia.

What Malaysia could have on its hands is a time-bomb ticking its way to a socio-economic disaster. The prevailing situation is somewhat like a Reverse Takeover whereby you acquire something and then what has been acquired ends up owning you instead!! In short, the hunter has now become the HUNTED!!!

Note also, in the corporate world, a 30% stake in a public enterprise is as good as a controlling stake. So beware. If you think you will limit this exercise to only 30%, it may end up with you losing control.

According to The Malaysian Insider, PR had also claimed that 1,108 permanent residents in the Klang Valley were given the status of full citizens on August 2 alone, and ridiculed the notion that over 1,000 identity cards were issued within a day.

Most alarmingly, PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub also showed documents claiming that between 1.06pm and 2.30pm on August 2, three voters had their status changed from permanent residents to citizens “in the blink of an eye.” The Kubang Kerian MP said that the information was downloaded from the NRD website itself and we have a total of 1,597 cases across the country. These are official statistics. What about the dark figure then? (The dark figure represents the discrepancy between actual statistics and those that are not reported.)

Personally, many perceive this is the tip of the iceberg. In my post on Immigrants and Emigrants – Facts and Figures, I wrote:

Strangely, this site shows that the population trend in Malaysia in on an increasing trend and is slightly over 27 million in 2008.

Compare this chart with the tables in the earlier links. Judge for yourself. I am sure the statistics are available but how come the net migration rate is unavailable? How come the population pattern is on the increase in the light of the statistics for birth rate, death rate and the absence of net migration rate for the country?

Just who are leaving and WHO ARE COMING IN???? Can someone kindly explain the demographic pattern??

Clearly, the Pakatan lawmakers and RPK are on the right track in highlighting this impending doomsday scenario awaiting Malaysians. We can talk till the cows come home about 1Malaysia and unity/harmony and all that jazz but if the gene pool of the population is in imbalance, what will happen? Obviously, they will not be loyal citizens.