UMNO Will be Saved by the Triple Debt Debacle in Europe, US and Japan

By batsman 

The world is a much more dangerous place these days. For many decades if not centuries, Europe, US and now Japan have lived beyond their means. The people who have paid for this high living by Europeans, Americans and Japanese are the people of the 3rd world in the form of cheap commodities, produce and commoditized human beings.

This is done by the west’s monopoly of financial and economic power backed up by military power when small tin pot dictators refuse to do their bidding. Huge mining companies do not pay any taxes to 3rd world governments even when they make super profits by fiddling with their accounts. Trade agreements hugely favour the rich and powerful forcing poor countries to settle for whatever small pittance they can get. Even the best brains of the 3rd world countries are stolen by the west with seductive pay and conditions offered. No poor country can match such wealth and power. 

Not satisfied with this monopoly and theft of brains, white slavery is now rampant and prostitutes are imported by the tens of thousands from poor countries to service the people of the rich countries. Poor women are now forced or tricked into selling their bodies under slave like conditions. 

But such a situation cannot last forever. The west is now addicted to high living and use all means to maintain it including borrowing huge amounts of money legally. The time has come to pay. Will the west renege on their debts or will they pay up? What do you think? One thing is clear – there is no way to force them to pay up. 

The regime of western civilization is no longer capable of producing progress in the world. Tons of food worth billions of pounds sterling are wasted in Britain alone while the 3rd world starves. Fish which have been caught and are dead or dying are thrown overboard in huge amounts in the EU because they are not expensive fish and fishermen need to fill their quotas only with expensive fish – not with cheap fish to make profits. Money is thrown at scientists who come up with studies that say milk is good for you one day and not good for you the next. There are hundreds of examples of such wastage all of which are designed to maintain the control and influence of westerners. 

All this wastage is necessary to extract only the best results to feed the high living of the western world. In the meantime, the 3rd world starves. 

So how is all this going to save UMNO? For one thing, no western government is going to make any noise when UMNO turns into a openly brutal dictatorship – they will be too busy with their own problems. 

For another, Malaysians will also be too busy trying to survive the meltdown. It will be too risky to change horses at such a dangerous and critical moment. 

Of course I don’t pretend to be a prophet who can tell the future. Many of you will have other ideas of how UMNO can be voted out of power. Hopefully you will share these with us, but one thing is sure – Malaysians must have the self-confidence, self-awareness and spirit of self-sacrifice to try and forge their future without UMNO in power for at least 2 or 3 GEs. Do you think this can be achieved?