FBC Media Scandal – Growing Questions For CNN’s John Defterios


If CNN had acknowledged concerns about FBC Media’s spin operations and agreed to investigate the possible contamination of its programmes, because of its connections with that company’s President, John Defterios, criticism might have died down.

However, unlike the BBC and CNBC, who have both launched investigations and suspended FBC Media programmes, CNN has leapt to a fairly arrogant and unquestioning defence of its Business Presenter, who for years has combined that role with a senior position and substantial shareholding in the crooked PR/ Production company. 

The problem is that John Defterios’s programme guests were sometimes his own PR clients.  They had paid millions of dollars to his company in return for positive publicity and platforms in the global news media.  Indeed FBC boasted in its promotional material that it was the only PR firm who could uniquely ”guarantee” access to ”blue chip”, ” editorial shows” on stations such as CNN, CNBC and the BBC.  Anyone in the business knows that such guarantees could only be illegal.