Taib Paid Out $5 Million To Attack Sarawak Report! – International Expose


By Sarawak Report

Taib is paying a crooked, British-based PR company $5 million (RM15 million) a year to conduct an illegal global media campaign against Sarawak Report.

We can expose FBC Media, a TV production company which doubles as a “strategic communications” firm, for conducting an illicit scam over the past decade, secretly selling slots across a number of supposedly impartial TV news programmes to promote its international clients, including Najib Razak and Taib Mahmud.

The practice, which is designed to deceive hundreds of millions of TV viewers, has netted the company tens of millions of dollars, providing characters like Taib Mahmud with positive publicity on prime international TV shows.  It is all paid for, of course, by their own taxpayers, whom they are also seeking to dupe and impress.

Our evidence further shows that FBC Media are also linked to the vicious online blogging campaigns in the US which have defamed both Anwar Ibrahim and Sarawak Report over the past months [see Sarawak Reports Dirty Tricks Coverage].

Top global TV stations in trouble

Our in-depth investigation into the scandal implicates some of the world’s most prestigious broadcasting networks, including CNBC, CNN and even BBC World, which is supported by the British government.

All these stations have carried programmes made by FBC Media, containing items promoting their multi-million dollar PR clients.

Allowing characters like Taib Mahmud to buy positive coverage on editorial news shows is rightly banned under broadcasting laws and it is those broadcasting companies themselves that hold ultimate legal responsibility for all the content they put out.