Let me tell you more about Tan Kay Hock

Healthy move: Muhyiddin witnessing the handing over of the mock cheque from George Kent chairman Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock to Dr Chua as MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai looks on yesterday. — Bernama

Dear YM Raja Petra Kamarudin,

In your latest posting dated 28th July, on the now very famous Tan Kay Hock, golfing buddy of current Prime Minister of Malaysia, I see you are very well-informed despite the fact that your feet (like mine) are not on Malaysian soil. I left the country I loved during Mahathir’s regime when he was turning “the Malay Dilemma” to Chinese Dilemma. Like you, I still keep contact with my old schoolmates who remain in Bolehland, and update myself through these grapevines with the goings-on in my old homeland.

Apparently, Business Times (NST) reported on 7th July, 2011 that George Kent (TKH’s company) was confident of winning RM1.5 billion worth of contract for infrastructure works on the Ampang LRT line, and Tan Kay Hock openly boasted about it. Who gave him such confidence, and how was he to know about this even before the Ministry of Transport or PM made any such announcement?

By the way, Tan Kay Hock is not working on bringing in CHEC (too messy after the Penang Bridge). He is said to be holding the representation of China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), and not China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC), the latter has given him a wide berth after your revelation of the RM500 million demand, proven true. In the Business Times of 7th July, CRCC was mentioned as Tan Kay Hock’s horse.

Can you imagine how a water meter maker with annual revenue of RM30 million and profit RM3 million take on a job of this magnitude? Where is the experience, let alone the financial requirements? Ah, but you need to go back just a little in time, say my old schoolmates via modern Internet, to see the link (“pun” unavoidable) that TKH has shrewdly built of late.

Recently, TKH took George Kent shareholders’ RM500,000 and donated to MCA medical fund to promote his own interest. In the cheque presentation photo published in a local daily, there were MCA President Soi Lek, Minister of Tranport Kong (MCA man), Idis Jalal (Minister in PM Dept in charge of SPAD, all mega projects) and DPM Muhyiddin Yassin. TKH is a very smart cookie for he knows MCA man always holds the Transport portfolio, so he sought out MCA to show his “generosity and care” for the poor needing medical assistance, with the money hijacked from shareholders of George Kent.

Did you notice something amiss in that photgraph above? MCA Liow, the Minister of HEALTH was conspiciously absent though the stolen money was meant for medical purposes. Reason: TKH was not after a hospital project, he was going for a rail project, so the Transport Minister’s favour must be high on his priority, not Health. 

With this impressive line-up, he is ready to boast to one and all, including the Chinese where his power lies.

Also, it is with this line-up, Tan Kay Hock aims to be the super-crony-super-tycoon killer with guns pointing at the likes of Quek Leng Chan, Low Keng Huat, Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary, Francis Yeoh, Vincent & Brother Danny Tan, as you said, Pete. But I can assure you that TKH can never get near to touch Lim Kok Thay and Robert Kuok, the empires of both these Malaysian billionaires have spread wings beyond the shores of Malaysia, and way beyond the crooked hands of TKH.

Recently, TKH was rumoured to be scheming something with Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng of MUI; do you know about this?

The presence of Muhyiddin seems to tell us another story. TKH probably shaken by your first article about him demanding RM500 million (RM200 million for PM’s wife, rest his). so he is changing horses (at both ends in China and Malaysia) for a number of reasons:

1. TKH knows Najib is about to fall flat on his face with all those unsavoury bric bracs hurled at the PM, and he also knows that Muhyiddin is knocking very hard at the PM’s door impatiently to be seated on Najib’s chair. UMNO insiders must have also approached him for fund to be channelled to DPM’s aides, don’t waste time with Najib.

2. Hishammuddin, besides being a Johorean and deemed an asshole, is also Najib’s cousin, so TKH not using the son of Tun Hussein. But Tan Kay Hock needs Johor support to secure his second target, the RM7 billion Gemas-Johor Bahru double track rail, after the Ampang LRT, and probably he thinks he will need the Johore Royal seal which only Muhyiddin could deliver.

3. Unscrupulous TKH may even do a coup de grace to hasten the unseating of Najib and prove to Muhyiddin of his powess. His wife and Desmond’s wife Cindy are very close to Lady Rose; they finance all her overseas shopping sprees. TKH may devise a plan to trap uncanny Lady Rose, and let Opposition (with interested UMNO’s help) expose her corrupt life style, putting the last coffin nail to Najib’s premiership.

4. Talking about Desmond Lim; his mammoth Pavilion Mall is not really as glorious as it looks since most of the shops and outlets are not doing good business. Many daily visitors to the Pavilion yes, but not many are shoppers, mostly there to enjoy the air-conditioning and bird-watching and drinking.

Lately, there was a report that Malton (owners of Pavilion) was seeking KLSE’s approval to list Pavilion (and suck public money) to pay off loan from Kuwait Finance. They must be close to defaulting now, the way it looks. So these two crafty Chinamen, TKH and Desmond, are prepared to sell (oops, urge) their wives to goreng Lady Rose while TKH ropes in Muhyiddin to do the “big kill”.

It does not matter what colour (Rosmah or Muhyiddin) the cat is just so long as it catches the rat, so said Deng Xiaopeng. Both Desmond and TKH were reported in The Edge as front runners in the Gemas-JB project.

So Pete, there you have it, some unknown and untold tales of the Man who twists and turns in so many ways to achieve his evil goals (note the plural is used here, as his ambitions are boundless).



Justice For All