EO 6 Release – Celebration at Speakers’ Square

A victory celebration will be held tomorrow in thanksgiving for the release of EO 6 and for all your support, prayers, pressure and publicity lobbying for their release.  Come together and celebrate the victory of vox populi and people power!

 Dear friends, let us celebrate the release of 6 PSM activists who have spent the last 28 days in detention under the draconian Emergency Ordinance. Saras, Dr Kumar, Sugu, Babu, Letchu, and Chon Kai were released yesterday after the people struggled hard to demand their freedom. For people in Penang, we would like to welcome back Chon Kai with a “People’s Celebration of EO6 Release”.

As usual, Speakers’ Square is a free space for people to speak. You are welcome to express your opinion, share messages of support, words of encouragement, jokes, songs, etc in this event. The EO6 detention demonstrated how a citizen’s basic freedoms can be taken away so easily. Therefore, this event is symbolic of the people’s efforts to reclaim our freedom.

To liven things up, we hope you can bring some finger food (cakes, biscuits, pastries, fruits, popsicles, etc) to share with all participants. If you would like to contribute and need further information, please contact Eng Kiat 017-3607277.

Hidup Perjuangan!

Sunday 31 July 2011
Speakers’ Square
Esplanade, Penang
Please bring something to share with the crowd if you can. See you all there!!