Resign Or Snap Election For Najib, Here’re The Reasons

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As much as I would like to stop writing about PM Najib administration, the plot just got interesting and I think he may just hit the bull’s eye as far as my prediction that his downfall may be faster than his predecessor, Abdullah Badawi, is concerned.

Compared with Najib, Badawi now seems like a cute adorable little kitten, who merely likes to sleep (on the job). Malaysians tend to be more forgiving on lazy prime minister but not a prime minister who lies, cheats, brutal, dirty (allegation on Mongolian Altantuya’s murder), hypocrite but above all stupid yet arrogant.

One cannot help but fell off the chair laughing after read that Najib said he cancels a family vacation because he wants to spend more time with Malaysians. This was perhaps the best joke ever by premier Najib since he took over from Abdullah Badawi. This joke actually worth a thousand “Like” on his facebook page. Forget about Bersih 2.0 because this guy may quit under pressure – not from opposition parties or Bersih 2.0 but from his internal UMNO party. Boy, if it was true that the US$24 million controversial diamond ring indeed belongs to his wife Rosmah Mansor, that ring is cursed.

Anyone notice the deadly silence from Mahathir after the Bersih 2.0 rally that instantly flush Najib’s popularity into the toilet bowl? I’ve wrote earlier that Najib administration’s extreme stupidity in tackling the simple issue of Bersih 2.0 made the whole episode smells rat. Najib can’t be that foolish (or was he?) and even if he was indeed stupid, his wife would have save the day, unless of course the plan to unseat him has been brought forward by his own circles. Mahathir doesn’t like Najib for two main reasons his wife and his close connection with Singapore Government.

It seems Najib may have to quit soon, probably before his term expires in 2013. And if Najib plans to stay until next year to enjoy more free overseas holidays using taxpayers money under his capacity as the prime minister, his dream is now short-lived based on his emergency return to take control of Putrajaya. How on earth could everything turns upside-down before his “shopping” trip to United Kingdom and Italy ends? It appears he has no other option but to call an early election, possibly before 11-11-2011 in order to neutralize his enemy from within UMNO, if he’s able to do that.

1) Perkasa Ibrahim Ali

Ibrahim Ali, the guy whom you love and hate has successfully performed his duty, if indeed it was true that he was actually a mole, regardless whether he was planted by Anwar or Mahathir. His job was to create chaos and racial disharmony. Both Anwar or Mahathir knew the Malay votes and to a certain extent the Indian votes have return to UMNO under Najib’s leadership. If the Chinese voters were to go back in droves to UMNO- led National Front coalition, then the opposition is toast and Najib would become very powerful, so much so that he can ask Mahathir to fly kite.

Ibrahim Ali Perkasa

One has to remember Mahathir is a master in the game of divide-and-rule. As long as Ibrahim Ali can continuously feed the racial hatred cookies to both ethnic-Malay and ethnic-Chinese, Najib’s strength is being checked. And wasn’t Ibrahim Ali a director in Vincent Tan’s Berjaya Group, one of the closest cronies during Mahathir administration? Well, if Najib truly believed that Ibrahim Ali was God-sent Angel to help fish runaway Malay votes for his administration, then he deserves what he’s getting now.

2) Deputy PM Muhyiddin

One needs to see the bigger picture on how the deputy PM seems to be pouring kerosene everytime his boss, PM Najib Razak, starts a new project in his bid to gain voters’ support. When Najib was shouting till foam at mouth his 1Malaysia concept, Muhyiddin declared he was Malay first and Malaysian second. And of course Mahathir almost swear he doesn’t actually understand the concept of 1Malaysia. Muhyiddin is indeed a strong deputy as he was one of the warlords who enjoys ground support.

Muhyiddin Yassin

Najib doesn’t like a strong deputy because it would make him looks weak, which is true because his political rising star was purely based on his father’s name, the second prime minister Tun Razak. In short, Najib was born with silver platter hence he has never been known to be a risk-taker. The fact that Muhyiddin together with Mahathir were extremely quiet post-Bersih 2.0 rally speak volume about how both were equally pleased with the public and international criticism on Najib administration in handling the peaceful demonstration. Muhyiddin can almost smell the aroma of the premiership.