Mat Sabu disputes police video, maintains knocked down by cops

(The Malaysian Insider) – Mohamad Sabu accused the police today of misleading the public when he claimed that the motorcycle he was riding on to get to the Bersih rally on July 9 was hit on purpose by a Proton Waja police car and not a Mitsubishi Pajero as suggested by official video footage.

He (picture) pointed out to reporters that in his July 14 police report which was distributed at a press conference, he had said that the Waja had hit the motorcycle, injuring his right leg, and he was then detained by police officers who carried him into a Mitsubishi Pajero.

“We are disappointed with the internal security and public order (KDNK) director, who is willing to be a tool for Umno and Barisan Nasional by lying and claiming that my medical condition is fake. Questioning someone’s health is such low politics,” he said.

The KDNK chief Datuk Salleh Mat Rashid had screened a CCTV recording last week, showing that there was no contact between the PAS deputy president and the police four-wheel-drive vehicle during the chaotic scenes seen during the rally calling for free and fair elections.

“From our investigations we adduced that while attempting a U-turn Mat Sabu’s motorcycle hit a divider and the front part of the police car,” he had said.

Salleh also claimed that Mohamed’s injuries were not serious as “there was no fracture. I don’t know how or why he’s using a wheel-chair.”

Mohamed said today that “in the video itself, behind the Pajero, you can see the Waja cross the road and hit me.”

“The question is that while our opponents are Umno and BN, why do we have to be confronted by police, who should be professional and neutral?” he added.