Using the Police to Solve Political Problems

By batsman 

Malaysia seems to be a land of contradictions. Not only are there so many different races and religions in this country, the people and especially the government behaves in very contradictory ways.

Take Malaysian foreign policy for example. Wherever there are violent disputes anywhere in the world, Malaysia takes the holier-than-thou attitude of never using military force and violence to solve disputes. Violence is abhorred in Malaysia foreign policy and discussion and negotiations are the preferred path. 

Unfortunately the Home Minister and his boss the Prime Minister has no such “goodness” in them. On the contrary, the police have used force to solve political problems. The police even tried to ram a leading protestor with their land rovers, their lead vehicle missing a full frontal crash by inches as shown on video, but getting their man with the second vehicle (this event seems to have been blocked by the lead vehicle in a recently released video and there is no way for ordinary people to tell what happened. Perhaps experts can tell). 

The police used tear gas, water canons, baton charges and their boots against peaceful protestors calling for democratic electoral reforms. In addition, the police have abused the law to intimidate 6 protestors for trying to overthrow the Agong by waging war on him (a crime that carries the death sentence). Over 1600 people have been arrested and are awaiting charges. 

The demand for free, fair and clean elections is a political issue, not a criminal issue. The police have been violently used to try and solve political problems. 

The mask of “moderation” of the UMNO government will be stripped off to expose a vicious and brutal government if only the world were to look at UMNO’s internal policies and practices. In fact many people don’t think that UMNO is Islamic at all, let alone “moderately Islamic”. 

It seems the people of Malaysia are being treated as serfs and servants fit only to be whacked, victimized, cheated and robbed while UMNO uses the proceeds to play the good guy to the rest of the world, buying expensive military hardware that others seem to be able to buy cheaply as well as being good customers of luxury items such as expensive jewelry and bags “to die for” (this last one using their own savings, of course).