Nazrin: Rulers must be told the real story

(Bernama) – The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah, said today rulers should not be shielded from the truth and must be told the real story.

In addition, rulers should never be surrounded by people with personal interests who are willing to use them as tools.

“Rulers must have advisers who are sincere, sensitive to the people’s needs and bold to state the truth,” he said at ‘Wacana Ilmu Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) on the theme ‘The role of Malay rulers in nurturing unity’ in Shah Alam.

Raja Nazrin said rulers should be willing to accept the fact, no matter how bitter, as justice could not be uphold without the truth.

“Rulers can’t play a meaningful role if they are given a rosy picture. The false impression is unfair as they will be denied the right to conduct their responsibilities fairly.”

Raja Nazrin expressed fears that shielding rulers from the truth would separate them from the people, making it difficult to address integrity, statehood, loyalty and unity.

“Exploiting sentiments is easy as the people easily fall for promises. The prescription can only heal if the syndrome is identified.

“It is unwise if the nation and people choose to reject reality, blurring the vision on the real reasons that affect unity.”

Raja Nazrin said stiff political competition had exploited sensitive religious and racial issues and dissatisfactions of the people.

“In all conflicts, no one party is right all the time and no one party is wrong all the time.

“The methods to achieve total victory by beating foes have cast aside good manners, customs, morals and religious elements.”

He also feared that the rising political temperature would turn dreams of unity into a nightmare, adding that there should be a neutral, credible and acceptable institution to lower this.

It was important for rulers to not only be above political polemics but also have the trust and responsibility of ensuring peace and harmony.

“Rulers must use wisdom to calm situations, but they do not have a ‘magic lamp’ to keep unity, especially when the situation has become chaotic.”

Raja Nazrin said the role of rulers was to give advice privately, so that this was not misinterpreted as directly interfering with the administration.

“The credibility of some national instruments require a recovery of perception and need improvements in line with the current world dynamics to restore confidence in the people.”

Raja Nazrin said unity would not be achieved in an unstable and immature political climate post the 12th general election, with calls for reality checks and demands for change.

“Unity requires a willingness to sacrifice, accept defeat willingly and celebrate victory with humility,” he added.