MELAYU BANGUN jangan tidur lagi untuk politicians, bantah “INTERLOK”

Are we Malays that stupid that we cannot see what is wrong and what is right and how it affects our fellow 4th & 5th generation non-Malay Malaysian? What is wrong with you Melayus?   

By Muhyiddin Yasin,
P.S. Not the bodoh punya Melayu TPM

MELAYU BANGUN jangan tidur lagi untuk politicians, bantah “INTERLOK”.

I write this as a frustrated Melayu. Even if I am a Malay and Muslim, I cannot see injustice done to my fellow non-Melayu with UMNO’s racist & divisive policies.
Gag order on non-Melayu kuli(s) by UMNO and the silence of the Malay leaders in the opposition is baffling indeed in this INTERLOK issue.
As a Malay Malaysian who has mingled with the non-Malays, I can stand up for them anytime and anywhere as they have been with us through thick and thin since or even before Independence.
What? You think the UMNO Melayu is so smart? If that was the case why did the non-Malays toil the nation and tolerated with patience to enhance us the kampong Malays after 1957 with their almost 100% contribution to the country?
It is simple logic: they were part of the new Malaysia not UMNO politics and they accepted this to be their homeland along with the Malays to coexist.    
It is a fact and reality that the Chinese and Indians built, employed, mined, planted, traded, administered, build roads, railways, telecommunication, cleared jungles, cultivated plantation, taught us, created the policies to ensure the nation progresses.
They took us majority Malays who only knew fishing and farming, educated us and enhanced us to create a Malaysian nation. Yet today we despise them for politically runned agenda based on race, religion and treat them as a 2nd class citizens. This is a disgrace to the Melayu community.            
The Razak Report in 1956 was the basis of our educational framework after consultation with the Barnes Report and the Fenn-Wu Report for the formation of a single system of national education whilst allowing the retention of other language medium schools to commence a Malaysian orientated curriculum not just an UMNO  racist curriculum.
In 1970 with the introduction of the National Economic Policy, a two pronged strategy, first the eradicating of poverty irrespective of ethnicity and secondly restructuring the disparity within the society in public and private sectors to be aligned to national identity of a united, just, and progressive nation with a plural society of diverse cultures and religions. Not sapu semua.

The first prong has been totally hijacked by the who’s who of UMNO and their non-Malay mandores whereas the second prong has deteriorated to the stage that such seditious novels like “Interlok” is made compulsory by the UMNO government without regards to our fellow Malaysian Indians.

Go back in time and you would notice, we did not have to worry about whether it is HALAL or not but how well we interwined and dwelved within our society but today everything is sacrilegious to maintain the UMNO hold on the Malay people in the name of religion.
Are we Malays that stupid that we cannot see what is wrong and what is right and how it affects our fellow 4th & 5th generation non-Malay Malaysian? What is wrong with you Melayus?   
Sure I vent my frustration towards the Melayu, as without facts they always jump the gun for what elite UMNO dictates.

Just look at the criteria that DBP has to abide by to make something as a curriculum in school. 

1. Literature that reflects the positive culture of a race.
2. It should withstand the test of time.
3. It can be used as examples for future generations.
4. Literature that is used widely as research and reference material continuously by societies, scholars and students.
5. Literature that has high quality of literary values of its time.
6. Literature whose author has achieved national laureate status.

Now which one of this fits the agenda except of course 6 because it is a Melayu in this Interlok issue? What is wrong with the Melayu community? Your fight is not against your fellow Malaysians but to fight to ensure that Malaysian unity amongst all prevails.

They will never take away what is right as we have seen how they have tolerated and endured from the past to present to ensure that they can live in peace with us as Malaysians.            
I believe every Malaysian has his or her vision of national identity based on an ideology on being Malaysian. However, how this novel “Interlok” fits in and for us to keep quiet is absurd.   
Frankly, these days the Indians are not given a chance to voice out and if they do it, they are crushed in every manner.  

Malay Malaysians, your silence in this matter only encourages UMNO and contributes to an irreversible damage that makes Malaysia unique. Your choice!!!