INTERLOK issue is a Malaysian concern, not just HINDRAF

Wong Mun Chee 

The recent clampdown on the HINDRAF convoy to create awareness on the bigotry and racism by the UMNO regime in enforcing the introduction of Interlok is every Malaysian’s issue.

Firstly, it was a convoy not an assembly, but nothwithstanding that the Section 27, of the the Police Act 1967 is utilized. This is just another archaic law along the lines of ISA and the sedition and PPPA Act that suppresses human rights and liberty.     

For one all these acts by the UMNO dictated police state contravenes the very tenet of the Malaysian constitution ie Article 8, 9, 10 & 12.     

The constitution is the supreme piece of paper in the land yet, we have the UMNO government to enact and pass laws that contradicts it abided and abetted by the partialized and paralyzed judiciary to maintain the UMNO hegemony.  

The government of Malaysia itself does not have respect for the constitution, therefore why not just trash it and rule as dictators without the typical melodrama that we cameoflauge everthing in a purported democracy process when we continue to tolerate in the erosion of our rights and liberty for the co-existence.

Co-existence and tolerance does not mean that i need to forego my rights and liberty, but I can stand and be counted for a cause that affects my fellow Malaysians irrespective of the politics, race, religion or creed.      

The drive by HINDRAF to withdraw the Interlok novel is not motivated by politics, race or religion but to safeguard their pride and dignity as a segment of the so called Malaysian society.     

I may be Chinese, but I have conscience and if someone derides me for my origin, i will fight tooth and nail to salvage my pride and dignity.      

In Malaysia, it is not about Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain- lain, but a Malaysian and if another Malaysian irrespective of the race, religion, culture is manipulated, I will stand up and question it. There is nothing political about it, but to ensure the battle for humanity survives for the truth and reality as a Malaysian.     

No Malaysian Chinese or Indian can today say that they will live in China or India as that is not our land. Our land is Malaysia

consisting of the major races and indigenous people that form our society.

Interlok is indeed a detrimental instrument to create the Malaysian fabric, as it is very obvious for all of us. How and where we stand on this issue is not just a Malaysian Indian agenda but more so a Malaysian agenda.    

The typical silence has been, let us do what it is popular and why should we get involved in humanely runned ostracized agenda for political needs.      

Going back to the basic, as a Malaysian citizen irrespective of their origin do you feel that HINDRAF does justice to pride and dignity or rather serving the parlance of a racist agenda for those who are oppressed and silence for their lack of economical or political power.      

Get one thing right, it is we the Malaysian public who wield the power to make the change, not dummy politicians or UMNO led agenda. If we can support and enhance the rights of anyone, beyond politics no matter who or what they represent but what is only consciously truthful in unity will we see the daylight,   

I think Interlok is an issue that all walk of Malaysian society needs to rise above politics and personal diffences to safeguard the interest of human rights and their liberty beyond race, religion or culture.