Pajudin aside, the road to Putrajaya with or without Sabah

By GM, Penampang, Sabah

It is undeniable that Pajudin Nordin’s departure to UMNO will effect PKR’s strength in Sabah. Many will argue that Pajudin was just a bum from the streets or simply just a political nobody, and that his defection will not derail PR’s plan to reach Putrajaya. As matter of fact, the headlines in the newspapers about a State Chief leaving the party is enough to leave a serious dent on PKR as a whole. The simple minded voters will be convinced that PKR is not a good party for the future as they can’t hold their house in order. Many voted for PR in the last GE only because they wanted to vent their anger on the BN due to the rise of corruption and the refusal by BN leaders to control it.

Autonomy has been promised to the people of Sabah. This does not mean that we should practice autonomy only when we come to power. It starts now, why won’t the PKR top leadership allow the Sabah divisional heads choose a leader of their choice? Why must they interfere in the appointment of a State Chief? The top leadership has failed from time to time in resolving the Sabah PKR crisis. It is believed that 18 divisional heads are very close to each other and seem to share a common interest, plus they can agree with decisions made amongst them. Again, why can’t we give the State’s divisional heads the power and trust of choosing their leader? Maybe by doing this, only then we can see who the Trojans are. PKR Sabah comprises of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is a party that is infested with Trojan Horses and worms that are out to destroy the party and these worms are on the payroll of the ones sitting on the opposite side of the fence.   

I do have a certain amount of respect for Pajudin, at least he has made a decision. Many say that he always had one foot in UMNO. The decision he made is good, for now. I hope his decision will send him back to be a bum on the streets after the next GE. Thanks Pajudin, and I also hope that you get your Senatorship, if that is what you wanted. I urge those who want to see a better Malaysia to continue in their efforts to support PR. Yes, there are weaknesses in PR, especially PKR. The people are being made to believe that PKR is a shadow of UMNO. But have we ever considered the fact that whatever the mistakes of DS Anwar and PKR also happen or has happened in the other political parties regardless of which political divide they come from. Any wrongdoings of PKR is always highlighted in the media, as well as exaggerated to the highest degree. These are the efforts to break PKR. The weakest link in PR is PKR, which stands between PAS and the DAP. Break PKR, and you break PR.

To the rakyat who are opposition loyalists, please consider all aspects before judging. I cannot force you to support PR for a State Government. It is your choice to choose between PR and a local party to lead the State. There is no point arguing. Now, it maybe a major risk to leave it to the Sabah divisional heads to choose their leader, but it is a risk worth going for. Like I mentioned that PKR Sabah is full of Trojans, maybe the 18 are out to destroy PKR, it is anyone’s guess. My personal tactic would be to allow autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak in running their States party issues and focus more on the Peninsular States. Judging by the updates, Sarawak PR is on track, but Sabah is still very much volatile. PR must reach Putrajaya after the next GE with or without Sabah. Let’s sacrifice Sabah for 5 years. It’s a Stupid risk to take, but by doing so, it may buy the PR Federal Government time to freeze all flights flying out of Sabah and nab all those who have sucked the State’s wealth dry. Don’t forget to watch the coastal areas where they can escape to the Philippines and Indonesia.