Interlock the shaming of Malaysian Indians

By Kadaram

Writers and their writing, and the right to write must not be subjected to scrutiny or ridicule. Burning of books must be condoned as an act of infringement against literary rights.  Freedom of expression of authors must be allowed to flourish so that the nation can harvest the best of artistic expression. The information revolution has broken the myth that information is not the birthright of a privileged few. Books which are even perceived as insulting and prejudicial to some segments of society; and even these writings must not be curtailed or truncated of their intellectual propriety rights.  Notwithstanding the freedom of expression, books which have been chosen as part of a compulsive school curriculum must be meticulously checked for the reliability of the content, the age group this material will be exposed, and their implication on the multi racial students.

The  issue unfolding now regarding this controversial novel ‘Interloke’ is basically the offensive contents in the novel, which are considered as derogatory  and demeaning to the Indian community, which the Government is insisting it must be used as textbook for Malay literature for Form five students at all cost in appeasing Umno to safeguard their fragile support. The prerogative of any responsible Government would be to swiftly react to rectify and remedy the problem, rather than bulldozing to be used, regardless of all the concern shown. Muyideen Yasin the deputy PM on the 29th of January announced the formation of an independent panel comprising various NGOs to amend and remove the offending parts of the novel and continue the novel as textbook. He also reiterated that the novel is good in nurturing and strengthening unity among the people. His proposal of amending the novel is the pinnacle of all ideocrazy.It’s mother of all stupidity. It is the ultimate insult to any writer, it’s better to remove it as textbook rather than to demean the author.

The government’s indifference and lackadaisical attitude in not condoning historical inaccuracies among adolescents on the pretext that a purported national literary laureate has penned some scum is great disservice, and contrary to what the government is unleashing now as the One Hypocrisy Malaysia policy. The BN governments BTN programs has already poisoned a great number of our Malay students in higher educational institutions and now unwittingly the process of racial supremacy and the and Great race concept like Aryan race of the Nazis  will be envisaged earlier in secondary school, to sow racial hatred.

The pejorative word of pariah was used in the novel as to imply that the majority of the Indians are as such. The author’s intention may not be; to demean or insult the Indians, but his writings will have grave consequences among the students in future to belittle their fellow Indian students. The Indians as any other race have their own problems and weaknesses which they are aware and they are promulgating reforms and are committed in changing their very own apartheid system. It is an insult to injury to write something which is factually and contextually incorrectly, which will only succeeded in demeaning the already marginalised and helpless Indians. The MIC the coalition partner of Barisan Nasional only came out with  statements not to derail the Indian support for 30th January Tenang by election.

The electoral defeat of Umno in the March 2008 election has made them ultra sensitive in their drive towards the winning back of the Malay votes to their fold. The sprouting of extreme Malay ethno religious organizations under the covert support of Umno is sensationalising even the pleading of their legitimate rights of Non Malays as acts of treason against the Agong and the nation. Police reports were made regarding this as an affront to Malay Rights and the royalty. The call to remove the interlock novel as the textbook for Form five Malay literatures by some Indian Ngo’s is considered by  the Malay supremacist organisation as treasonable and insulting the Malay rulers.