That Effing Show #44: PPPA Powers, Gypping Egypt and Gong Xi Gong Xi!

The government wants to use the PPPA to regulate the Internet? To censor blogs? To arrest the “seditious?” Have they not been watching the news? Don’t they realise what happens when you take away YouTube and Twitter and Facebook and Maria Ozawa? (Good lord, don’t take away Maria Ozawa.) Well tune in to find out as That Effing Show investigates: We take you to Beijing, we take you to Cairo, we show you just how far the Internet has come to affect our lives! And we show you the consequences of taking it away.

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New Year also means New Blood! If you haven’t heard, Popteevee is happy to introduce our latest collaborator! BMW Shorties Finalist 2010, June Tan with her quirky, hilarious, off-beat commentaries! So, enjoy our brand new channel – Why You Not Married, Fussy Is It? By our first non-male (we want to say, token female – but she might do a funny video about us!)…Love is in the Air!

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